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Getting Money Out Of Politics - Together

Posted by American Promise on April 27, 2018

AmericanPromiseLogo.jpgBy Azor Cole, American Promise.

What does former U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, a Republican from Maine, have in common with former State Senator and current President of Our Revolution, Nina Turner? They both support a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution so people, not money, govern America. The 28th Amendment would replace the Supreme Court’s doctrine of political inequality, reflected in decisions such as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and Buckley v. Valeo, with foundational American principles of equal citizenship and representation, as well as safeguards against systemic corruption.

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Survey: Six in Ten Oppose Spending $25 Billion for Wall, But Half Favor Some New Spending

Posted by Voice Of the People on April 15, 2018

By Voice of the People. Reposted from

Overwhelming Bipartisan Majority Favors Path to Citizenship for Dreamers

Majorities Oppose Eliminating Family and Lottery Based Immigration Programs, But 6 in 10 Favor Cutting Them Back

Washington DC:  As Congress gears up to make another run at addressing immigration, a new in-depth survey of registered voters presented the major proposals under consideration and found that:

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Saving The Republic: Business Leaders Need To Step It Up

Posted by David Nevins on April 01, 2018

I am a businessman who never did anything in politics until about 7 years ago. However, I believe with the uncharted waters of the political environment now roiling daily, business people like myself must step up to the plate to revitalize our democracy.

We must require a higher standard from our elected officials. A new paradigm of politics — one based on civil political discourse, critical thinking, and personal accountability — can and should be demanded by the electorate of its leadership, and the time to do so is now.

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Ingroup-outgroup divides, a pitfall of the empathic voter? How some voters may (un)intentionally cast a vote for inequity

Posted by Dana Harris on March 23, 2018

By Dana Harris, Generation Citizen. Reposted from

When I went to cast my ballot in New York City’s primary election this past September, and then in the general election for Mayor, City Council, and District Attorney in November, I had what felt like an “aha moment.” To foster cohesive communities that prioritize the well-being of all of their members, I realized, we must be empathic voters. In other words, for the stability of any community — and our democracy writ large — voters should not consider only their own personal needs and well-being, but those of their neighbors. Until this fall, I’d thought of voting as a means for ensuring that one’s own needs are reflected by the elected officials who represent them. I see now that voting should be a means for ensuring that the needs of one’s whole community — city, state, and country are reflected by the elected officials who represent them.

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We Need To Talk: It’s Time to Create and Fund Our Future

Posted by Debilyn Molineaux on March 16, 2018

By Debilyn Molineaux, Bridge Alliance. Reposted from

Collectively, there are thousands of organizations and funders already working to improve our country. So why does our country appear to be a mess?

The weakest part of our country is our willingness to live in a narrative/news stream that confirms our own bias and demonizes others. We could make our collective work exponentially more effective by fostering strong relationships among people of different viewpoints.

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Powerful Coalition Launches Campaign to Challenge Two-Party Politics

Posted by Shawn M. Griffiths on March 09, 2018

By Shawn M. Griffiths, IVN. Reposted from

Now is a pivotal moment for the millions of Americans who recognize that there is something terribly wrong with our government. That is why a coalition of over 80 civic action groups, called the Bridge Alliance, is kicking off its educational campaign #HealthyGov.

It’s no secret that Americans want change. A plurality of Americansno longer wish to identify with the establishment parties in the US. Even more Americans think a third party is needed. Congressional approval barely escapes the single digits, and many Americans think government dysfunction is the nation’s biggest problem.

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Bottom-Up Leadership: Rank-and-File Lead the Way in Kansas and Illinois

Posted by Sllf on March 04, 2018

Posted by Thom Little, Ph.D., SLLF. Reposted from

Everybody talks about top-down leadership. Those at the top of the pyramid lead those further down. Indeed, with its focus on presiding officers, pro tempores and floor leaders, the State Legislative Leaders Foundation has spent more than forty-five years focusing on top-down leadership. But today, I want to flip that on its head and talk about leadership that comes from within the rank-and-file membership.

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A Tale of Two Presidents

Posted by Erik Fogg on February 23, 2018

Posted by Erik Fogg, ReConsider Media. Reposted from

Let me tell you about a president, and you guess who he is.

  • He's a relative political newcomer with lots of money that swept aside the conventional right and left by mobilizing the frustration and anger of a new coalition of citizens
  • He's trying to revitalize what he and his followers believe is a stagnant nation
  • He cut taxes and killed the estate tax
  • He's going after unions, who he thinks are dragging down the economy
  • He's slashing lots of regulation, but trying to protect domestic industries from foreign competition--especially from China
  • He's vowed to strike Syria if his administration learns it used chemical weapons (again) on its civilians
  • He is curtailing press 'privileges' and closing the press room near his office
  • His cabinet is weighed down by increasingly-frequent sexual assault allegations
  • He's shifting the country to cozy up with Putin and Russia
  • He's really into military parades, despite his peer countries not sharing in such affections
  • He's even considering introducing compulsory national service, in a move that is being called confusing and half-baked
  • And amid all this, his approval ratings are startlingly worryingly underwater

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How ranked choice voting leads to fair representation in Oscar nominations

Posted by Rob Richie on February 16, 2018

By Rob Richie, FairVote. Reposted from

Ranked choice voting is notable for how often it’s used to elect political leaders. The fair representation form of it -- as proposed nationally for congressional elections in the Fair Representation Act (HR 3057) -- is used for at least one election in which every voter can vote in Australia, Cambridge, Mass., Ireland, Malta, Minneapolis, Minn., New Zealand, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. And just this month, it’s been used to nominate potential Oscar winners nearly every major category of the Academy Awards, as announced yesterday.

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Lessons from George Washington: It's Time We Listened!

Posted by Brian Clancy on February 09, 2018

By Brian Clancy, Big Tent Nation. Reposted from

We all want America to flourish and prosper, but disagreements on “how” keep tripping us up. How is much more than picking between policy prescriptions – at its core it involves how we treat each other, and particularly those we disagree with.

The person most essential to realizing America in the first place thought about this issue a lot. It’s time to revisit his legacy.

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