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What Is Civic Infrastructure and Why Is It Important?

Many of the groups supporting President Biden’s stimulus bill touted its capacity to build “civic infrastructure.”  The resulting American Rescue Plan does include elements—like support for broadband access, child care, and volunteerism—that would seem to help Americans participate in public life. Is this enough? What exactly is civic infrastructure anyway, and what more might we need to do to strengthen it?

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5 Tips to Show That You're Listening on Zoom

The past year has brought us the rise of the Zoom meeting in all its glory, and with it, the corresponding exhaustion of Zoom fatigue. We’ve been made to realize, yet again, how many of our contemporary technologies ask us to balance their life-giving connectivity with their potential for draining over-exposure.

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It’s Not Just Them: Research Suggests Irrational Biases Across the Political Spectrum

In our increasingly polarized age, it has become commonplace to attribute our political opponents’ beliefs to their irrationality. Advancements in psychology seem to validate this view: we are prone to confirmation bias, engage in motivated reasoning, and become self-insulated in social media information bubbles and echo chambers, etc.

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