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The Vaccine Passport Is Coming—And It Won’t Be from the Government

Score one for Alex Jones. Americans are about to be introduced to the concept of a “vaccine passport.” Did I say “about to be”? Mea culpa on the misphrasing. Vaccine permission slips have long existed in America: inoculation proof scripts are a prerequisite to attend many public schools and colleges (with precious few conscientious exemptions).

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4 Ways to Sustain Your Engagement

The 2020 Election saw unprecedented levels of civic engagement among the youngest generation. We witnessed a new generation of civically engaged student leaders step up to meet the challenges they faced. Now, we have to find ways to keep that momentum going to create lasting change in local communities across the country. Below we have a few ways that you can keep that momentum going and make lasting change in your community:

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It's a Different World

In recent weeks, leaders across the country have been gaveling their chambers to order for the 2021 legislative session. If history is an accurate indicator, about half of those leading these sessions will be new to their positions and many new to leadership. It is to these “newbies” that I offer these thoughts.

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