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Bridging the Divide

Posted by David Nevins on August 16, 2015

More Americans then ever are frustrated with the unbridled lack of civility, crippling partisanship and dysfunctional gridlock that is preventing our country from solving the serious problems we face on a daily basis.

After more than 225 years, the Constitution of the United States still prescribes the fundamental laws and basic freedoms of our country and continues to delineate the framework of our government. Despite its magnificence, however, the Constitution does not fully address the particulars in which the “We the People” are to utilize its marvelous blueprint for self-governance. Our Founding Fathers’ own words reflect the vision they shared for this country of many differences. They called ours, a government: “Of the people, by the people and for the people.” 

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Stepping Away From the Fight

Posted by Joan Blades on August 10, 2015

As a founder of I have seen partisan fight rage back and forth for better than 15 years. I don't see that either side is decisively winning in the near term. In fact I've concluded that we are losing too much. We are losing treasured relationships. We are losing goodwill toward our fellow citizen. We are losing our recognition that we are one country -- so many of us see red states and blue states rather than the United States.  

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Can you change the world from your living room?

Posted by Jacob Hess on July 23, 2015

Americans with different political views may yell at each other but they rarely talk or listen. It’s time to revitalize a different form of political conversation. This is the third article in our series on trans-partisan politics.

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How Radically To Uproot The Root Of Our Political Misery

Posted by Joan Blades on July 23, 2015

By Joan Blades and Ralph Benko

What's really at the root of America's political misery? We say: people just are not listening to each other. It's not merely at the level of elected officials. Elected officials are only the tip of the iceberg. And the iceberg is ... us. (The good news? We can transform... everything. And it's already happening.)

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Young People... Preparing to Vote or Not to Vote?

Posted by Serena Witherspoon on July 23, 2015

I am 18 years old -- an age where the world seems to have decided that I should no longer be coddled under the domain of childhood. I feel as if I'm suffering from 'growing pains' now more than ever; last year at this time I was worrying about finding a date for prom, and now all of a sudden I worry about rent, tuition and the lack of social justice in the world. Becoming an adult means that life is no longer simple. 18 means responsibility; 18 means the future is coming; 18 means I can vote. I am now entitled to aid my fellow citizens in choosing the leaders who will hopefully effect change in America, and further, the world. 


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Celebrating (and Mourning) Marriage's Evolution in America

Posted by Jacob Hess on July 15, 2015

In the days ahead, most of America will have its eye on the Supreme Court as they issue their ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges concerning whether states have the power to define marriage as male-female institution. 

A large segment of the nation would vigorously celebrate a decision to expand that definition to include same-sex couples as an advancement of civil rights, equality and justice. That same outcome (likely, but not certain) would be mourned by another large part of the country who see the expansion in marriage's meaning as a rejection of a Judeo-Christian teaching as a commonly accepted norm. 

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America the Invisible: Anybody Out There?

Posted by Rebecca Nunziato on July 15, 2015

What the Transpartisan Movement Means for Millions of Americans

Rebecca Nunziato February 2015

As far as the electorate goes, 2014 was a rough year ““ headlines left and right frantically shouting that it was the lowest turnout since WWII (just 36.4% of eligible voters turned out in 2014)[1]. The numbers certainly are grim; they leave us calling out into the void, “anybody out there?”

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My state of mind will always be Purple.

Posted by Allan Katz on April 24, 2015

I was reminded by my friend (and political opposite) Lea that this week marks the 6th anniversary of the Purple State of Mind duo visiting Tallahassee – a visit that inspired so very much. To mark the occasion of our anniversary with John and Craig, today seemed to be a wonderful occasion to re-run our tribute to them. John and Craig, we love you.

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