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The Bridge Alliance exists to upgrade our democratic republic. Our members agree to adhere to The Five Principles and are part of a broad coalition dedicated to engaging citizens in the political process, working with our civic leaders to face tough challenges, and promoting respectful, civil discourse.

  • A More Perfect Union: The Jewish Partnership for Democracy exists to build and support a robust, well-resourced, transpartisan Jewish coalition working together to strengthen democracy. 

  • AllSides delivers technology and services to provide multiple perspectives on news, issues, and topics - and the people behind the ideas because the way society gets its news and information affects the world around us

  • America Indivisible is a coalition effort to address bigotry against members of Muslim communities and those who appear to be Muslim from Black, Arab, Sikh, and South Asian American communities by reinforcing the American values of equality, pluralism, and strength through diversity.

  • American Promise is a strategic, inter-partisan organization designed to win the 28th Amendment to the Constitution so that people - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern America

  • For those willing to take individual action to improve their community, American Public Square offers the opportunity to return to the notion of a true “public square”—where neighbors, colleagues and friends can personally engage in thoughtful, fact-based dialogue about controversial and potentially polarizing issues facing our society.

  • The American Studies Program (ASP) utilizes Washington, D.C. as its primary classroom. ASP brings together students from around the globe, spanning a vast array of majors, experiences, and perspectives. ASP emphasizes the importance of Christ-like bridge-building within the political arena.

  • Americans who value family, tradition, and integrity have been abandoned by both major political parties and ignored by most of the media. American Values Coalition provides shelter for to the politically homeless by reconnecting them to a fact-based national narrative in order to prevent radicalization and restore democratic norms in America.

  • We make it easy to find bills and then share them. We strive to make complicated legislative information as accessible as possible. Search results from all states and Congress are presented in an easy-to-understand grid that includes links to more detailed information. We present bills in the same format across all states. We also provide full contact details for all current legislators to encourage citizens to get involved.

  • BridgeUSA believes that sustained dialogue through policy-based forums, guest speakers, roundtable negotiations, rapid prototyping, and other active listening and communication events can foster positive change in millennial's political discourse

  • Civic Genius has big goals: to increase civic engagement; improve the quality of political discourse; highlight real-world stories of people working together across political lines; and forge moderate, commonsense solutions to our biggest challenges.

  • Civics Unplugged is a 501(c)(3) social enterprise whose mission is to empower the leaders of Generation Z to build the future of American democracy.

  • Civity supports leaders and community organizations on the ground who recognize first-hand the need for creating a culture and building institutions in which everyone belongs.

  • Coffee Party USA is an all-volunteer transpartisan group building, nurturing and connecting communities to reclaim our government for the people. Members agree to a civility pledge and share blogs, news stories, and memes through their Facebook page. 

  • College to Congress (C2C) creates pathways for high-achieving college juniors, seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates to intern in CongressThrough our comprehensive program, we aim to disrupt the traditional pipeline of solely wealthy and connected people filling positions of power in the United States Congress.

  • Common Ground Committee's mission is to pursue initiatives which will reveal common ground for finding truth, clarity, understanding, and progress on issues of importance in a civil manner that does not require compromise of fundamental principles.

  • CMF revitalizes Congress as an institution, working inside and outside Congress to foster a deliberative, functioning, and accountable legislature. Their work helps Congress and the people they represent engage in a constructive and inclusive dialogue toward a thriving American democracy

  • We listen carefully to our clients, working with them to produce podcasts that are soulful, spontaneous and intimate. We provide media training, advice about podcasting, sound design, and first-rate editing services. Above all we are supportive and honest with our advice.

  • Divided We Fall® is a non-profit news publication producing bipartisan dialogue for the politically engaged. They publish debates between individuals who disagree in order to demonstrate productive civil discourse and bipartisanship.

  • The founding members of Election Reformers Network have worked to support hundreds of election processes in scores of countries over a thirty-year period. Our work focuses on supporting the range of institutions critical to democracy including civic organizations, political parties, election administration and legislative bodies.

  • Essential Partners invites us each to discover and re-discover the core of who we are and what we value. Grounded in our own truth, we can find both the courage and the generosity to listen to those we have considered our enemies. 

  • The mission of Fighting To Understand is to make seemingly complicated topics into “simply complicated.”  They do this by forming a collaborative cross-section of “regular” people to fight to understand a topic, in as much complexity as they can muster.  They then present the findings to other regular people. 

  • Fix Democracy First focuses on reforms intended to strengthen democracy in Washington State and nationally, that include campaign finance reform, public funding of elections, ranked choice voting, reversing Citizens United, expanding voting access, and increasing civic participation.

  • GenUnity supports passionate, proximate adults to connect across difference, unpack local issues, and drive positive systems change in their communities.

  • Guides.vote produces nonpartisan voters guides that show where candidates stand. They’re produced by veteran journalists with links to credible sources. 

  • Healthy Democracy is a nonpartisan non-profit organization that works to elevate the voices of everyday people, bring new faces to public decision making, and design a more collaborative democracy together.

  • In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, we help leaders improve their Empathic Intelligence, build cultures of empathy, and play a leading role in the creation of redemptive solutions with others.

  • The Interactivity Foundation works to engage citizens in the exploration and development of divergent possibilities for public policy through small group discussions.

  • Issue One is the leading crosspartisan political reform group in Washington, D.C. We unite Republicans, Democrats, and independents in the movement to fix our broken political system. Issue One’s ReFormer’s Caucus of more than 200 former members of Congress, governors, and Cabinet officials is the largest coalition of its kind ever assembled to advocate for political reform.

  • IssueVoter’s mission is to give everyone an equal voice in our democracy by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful. 

  • Listen First Project encourages conversations that prioritize understanding to bridge divides and mend our frayed social fabric. We catalyze the Listen First movement powered by more than 100 partner organizations, thousands of individuals, local chapters, and the National Conversation Project. 

  • Living Room Conversations enable people to come together through their social networks as friends to engage in a self-guided conversation about an agreed-upon topic. Typically conversations have self-identified co-hosts who hold differing views. 

  • Mediators Foundation's mission is to foster global leadership for a peaceful, just and sustainable world by identifying, supporting and connecting visionary leaders promoting the best interests of our small planet through civic and educational projects

  • Meetings of Opposites produces the actual experience of common ground among people whose opinions or positions are irreconcilable. Meetings of Opposites is the scaffolding for common ground.

  • Mormon Women for Ethical Government's mission is to inspire women of faith to be ambassadors of peace who transcend partisanship and courageously advocate for ethical government.

  • The National Civic League seeks to advance civic engagement to create equitable, thriving communities. We achieve this by supporting and recognizing inclusive approaches to community decision-making and through community assistance, awards and events, and research and publications.

  • Since 1938, NFWL has served as a forum for elected women from across the country to be empowered through information and experience. We are the oldest organization for elected women in America and the ONLY one that includes women on the city, county and state levels. 

  • NICD supports a congress and executive branch capable of working to solve the big issues facing our country, a media that informs and engages our citizens, and demands civil discourse and a government that works in the best interests of the country as a whole. 

  • The NFRPP (Network for Responsible Public Policy) is committed to mitigating polarization, fostering civil discussion, and dialogue and motivating engagement on behalf of democracy. Our mission is simple:  To Foster a Vibrant Democracy.

  • RepresentWomen champions and advances adoption of evidence-based solutions that break down structural barriers to women’s political leadership. We are committed to building a 21st century democracy in the United States, with gender balance in elected and appointed positions, at every level of government. We believe having diverse women in government is a catalyst to a stronger, more equitable nation.

  • Their network of professional and passionate Resolutionaries aim to encourage people to stop fighting over political problems and starting working together towards resolutions.

  • The Sphere Education Initiative is a project of the Cato Institute and empowers grade 5-12 educators and administrators to restore a spirit of civil, fact-based, constructive, and respectful discourse and engagement as the vehicles for discussion and debate. This is done through educational programming and professional development opportunities.

  • The Fulcrum is a platform where insiders and outsiders to politics are informed, meet, talk, and act to repair our democracy and make it live and work in our everyday lives.

  • The Horizons Project works to strengthen relationships and collaboration within the ecosystem of social change to spur a larger movement in the United States that addresses systemic injustice, advances societal healing, and reimagines our democracy.

  • The Village Square grows vibrant civil discourse across the partisan divide by building relationships across political, cultural, racial and religious divides among citizens inside their community and has expanded to six cities across America.

  • Truth in Accounting believes truthful accounting is the key for citizens, legislators, and the press to clearly understand the truth about government finances. Our work has focused on encouraging public entities to produce financial reports that are comprehensive, clear, and transparent.

  • The Youth Leadership Initiative, a program of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, develops free education resources designed to assist civics teachers, and encourage students to participate in the political process.

  • The US Values Alliance works to promote the use of values to create a healthier society. They share tools and resources for people just getting started with values. They also convene people interested in improving the methodologies and language around values work.

  • The Center for the Political Future (CPF) combines rigorous intellectual inquiry, teaching, and practical politics to advance civil dialogue and research that transcends partisan divisions and finds solutions to pressing national and global challenges.

  • Veterans For Political Innovation's mission is to mobilize veterans and supporters to advocate for election innovations to make our political system less toxic and more competitive. Together, through healthy competition and more choices for voters, we can build a more accountable government where every citizen feels well-represented!

  • Young Voices provides fledgling writers with the guidance needed to succeed during the most critical years of their early career. We do so by acting as a copy editor, agent, and mentor to a roster of pro-liberty writers through our cornerstone Contributors Program.