Unrig the System

Posted by on April 17, 2017 at 12:23 PM


The Bridge Alliance joined the Independent Voter Project, The Centrist Project, Represent.Us, FairVote and Level The Playing Field to host a summit in Kansas City that included a list of influential people trying to "Unrig the System."  The focus of the summit was to talk about how we all can amplify our collective efforts and challenge the political establishment that resists competition and structural changes. 

The event included panels and breakout sessions with nonpartisan leaders that have been driving reform efforts like Ranked Choice Voting in Maine, Open Primaries in Colorado, anti-corruption bills in South Dakota, and several other efforts nationwide. The commonality of all these groups is a desire to challenge both sides of the political aisle and improve representative accountability for everyone, regardless of ideology.

The mission of Bridge Alliance is complimentary to these efforts, and together with you, we look forward to putting together the mechanisms for more collaboration in the reform "industry." 

Bridge Alliance

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