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Posted by on December 30, 2016 at 12:28 PM


The year just ending has been an historic year - For America, of course, and for the Bridge Alliance. 

While the wounds are deep and the divide is wide in our country, we believe – and know you do, too – that individually and collectively we can bridge the divide. 

From the Alliance’s inception in early 2015 we have stated that we firmly believe for meaningful political transformation to occur in our nation, a network must be established to build a shared identity, as Americans who put country before party and who are dedicated to collaborative civic problem solving and collaborative public policy innovations.  Together we are well on our way to achieving this lofty goal. 

In 2016, our Alliance grew from 30 members to 63 members today, with more joining all the time. 


Strength in numbers is just one part of the value we bring.  As part of our strategy, we are focused on the collective impact we can make. We ended the year by announcing the Bridge Alliance collective impact grant program, as the first concrete step in creating the collaborative efforts among organizations and leaders who are focused on their aligned missions.

You can contribute to the Collective Impact grants program by donating here


The Bridge Alliance is proud to announce key strategic partnerships for 2017 that will vastly increase our impact: 

Congressional Management Foundation Democracy Awards 
The annual Democracy Awards program focuses on recognizing legislators and staff who are using exemplary practices in the service of Congress and their constituents. 
People’s Democracy Playbook: For running low-cost campaigns
We need regular citizens in Congress! The Bridge Alliance and the Pluribus Project is supporting the People’s Democracy Playbook, a highly innovate open source platform guide for running a low-cost $250,000 campaign. 

Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University- Support Services
Dr. Peter Levine and his staff have a long tradition of working with nonprofits in the civic engagement sector. We will be announcing early in 2017 the specific services that will be available to Bridge Alliance members. 

Invest America- Investment in Collective Impact Projects
The Fund provides seed financing and grants to the emerging community of political entrepreneurs whose core mission is to solve our toughest national problems. 

This is a unique and catalytic moment in our history that offers challenges but also offers enormous opportunities.  Let us enter the 2017 together as one to meet the challenges.

You can make a difference by supporting the Collective Impact grants program here

Happy New Year and best wishes for a year-and beyond- of civility, respect, goodwill, prosperity and peace. 

Warm regards,
David, Debilyn, Juno & Katie

The Bridge Alliance Core Team