Three Things Families Can Do Together

Posted by on March 17, 2020 at 3:33 PM

Written by Sally Tannen, Director, 92Y Parenting Center. Reposted from

Families are going to be spending a lot of time together, and our Parenting Center will be offering suggestions for all kinds of activities to keep young children active and engaged in the days ahead. Most important is that parents maintain routines - or create new ones - whether it’s the time children have breakfast and brush teeth or help with daily household chores (now is the perfect time to involve them more!). Routines help ground us. Embrace them!

Here are a few suggestions for fun activities:

However familiar home feels, it’s filled with sightings and treasures just waiting to be recognized. Have your children try to find everything red in the house, or note how many things are round, or shiny. Use the opportunity with a baby to point things out and name them. Older children can make a checklist, crossing off the things they see in classic “I Spy” fashion. They won’t just have fun, they’ll be developing their skills as observers of the world around them.

Young children love being involved in the kitchen, and even a 3-year-old can help measure, pour and stir, plus they get to eat the cookies that result! They’ll be honing their fine motor skills while having sweetly messy delicious fun. Watch for lots of creative “Kids in the Kitchen” ideas from The Parenting Center in the days to come!

Not being able to visit Grandma or a favorite cousin for awhile is disappointing for everyone. In addition to phone time and skyping, help your children create a daily communication, drawing a picture or writing a little message every day to send to their loved ones. Make it the first thing they do after breakfast each day, to help reinforce routines. Whether Nana is across the country or a few blocks away, everyone will be nourished by the expression of love.

Children are going to love all the extra attention! Stay well, and please be in touch with us!


Sally Tannen
Director, 92Y Parenting Center


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