The Work and Rewards of Civility

Posted by on December 14, 2018 at 4:51 PM

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It is incredibly easy to get angry when talking politics. In fact, we’re hardwired to be less understanding with members of the “other team.” So how do we overcome these strong, natural tendencies to get angry and/or dehumanize political “opponents”? With practice. That is why CEO Ken White of Junior State of America invited Brooke Deterline to teach membershow to cultivate compassion for others even when they don’t agree with them” as part of its Courageous Democracy program.

Meanwhile, the Village Square and NICD are showing just how rewarding that work can be. The Village Square’s Respect + Rebellion series features friendships that have blossomed despite political differences. A recent Ted Talk put a spotlight on one of these friendships -- a pair of mothers named Caitlin and Lauran who are political opposites, but absolutely love each other. And candidates who took NICD’s “Positive Campaign Workshop” over the summer won 9 out of 11 elections this past November.

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