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Join us in honoring campuses!

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on September 11, 2017


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The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge works towards making democratic engagement a defining feature on college campuses. They currently have 570 campuses signed up! Now is the time to recognize these campuses for the great work they are doing in increasing student voting and making democratic participation core values on their campuses.

Please RSVP here to join The ALL IN Challenge Awards ceremony on October 19th in Washington, DC.

The next day, October 20th, will be the closing reception for the National Conference on Citizenship in Washington, DC where Bridge Alliance and Big Tent Nation will announce the winners of the American Civic Collaboration Awards!

Join us for both of these events to celebrate democratic participation on campuses and collaborative work that’s making a difference nationwide. You don’t want to miss it!

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Public Engagement Strategy Workshop

Posted by Bridge Alliance on September 04, 2017


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Looking for assistance with organizing and sustaining productive public engagement? Struggling to decide how to use online engagement tools? Need expert advice on bringing together a diverse critical mass of people? 

Our member, Public Agenda, is bringing their Public Engagement Strategy Workshop to the University of Illinois at Chicago on October 19th. This workshop will provide you with the tools and resources you need to authentically engage stakeholders in thoughtful, democratic processes. Public Agenda trainers Matt Leighninger and Nicole Cabral, will:

  • Provide an overview of the strengths and limitations of public engagement today;
  • Help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of public engagement in your community;
  • Explore potential benefits of more sustained forms of participation,
  • Develop practical skills for planning for stronger engagement infrastructure; and
  • Demonstrate a mix of small group and large group discussions, interactive exercises, case studies and practical application exercises.

Click here for more information and to register

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PS: Know someone that's doing excellent collaborative work strengthening communities in America, locally or nationally? Nominate an organization, an individual or even yourself for a Civvys! Visit Nominations are open until September 15th, 2017.

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Job openings & Internships!

Posted by Bridge Alliance on August 28, 2017


We recently put out a request to our members to forward their current open job positions and internship spots. Know anyone that may be looking? Please forward this!

Project On Government Oversight is based in D.C and looking for a Social Media Manager

Represent.Us is hiring for multiple positions. Represent.Us is based in Northhampton, MA but also has a satellite office in San Francisco. Jobs - OrganizerLead Organizer  Internships - Communications InternDigital Campaigns InternEvent Management InternLaw ClerkOrganizing InternPolitical Intern 

iCivics is looking for a Digital Marketing Intern for their Boston office and looking for a Data Analyst Intern for their Cambridge Office. Please contact Nash Kamal for more information about the Data Analyst Internship.

The United States Association of Former Members of Congress is based in D.C and looking for fall interns and an Associate Director. Click here to learn more about internships and click here to email Sabine Schleidt directly for more information about their Associate Director position.

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Bridge Alliance and members denounce hate

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on August 22, 2017

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Bridge Alliance sent out a press release to over 1000 reporters this week and created a petition in response to the weeks events surrounding Charlottesville. Bridge Alliance works hard to stay above everyday politics and bridge our deep partisan divides. What we have been witnessing is not everyday politics, it is bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism - the antithesis of our basic values as Americans and human beings. We know these issues are too serious to not take a head on stand against. Will you stand with us?

Please read our statement and sign our petition and if you would like to leave a response saying how you believe our country can come together. These responses will be shared on our website and social media.

Thank you,
Bridge Alliance


6th Annual Sustainable Business & Policy Summit

Posted by Bridge Alliance on August 14, 2017


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Government often makes bad decisions about climate, infrastructure, health care, taxes, regulations and other priorities because a few unsustainable mega-influencers insist that’s “what business wants.” Responsible business leaders know better. We are proud to help announce our member The American Sustainable Business Council's 6th annual sustainable business & policy summit, on October 22-24 in Washington, D.C., you’ll get the tools to tell your representatives what your business really wants from government to create an economy that works for all.

This summit brings together company leaders, elected officials, think-tanks and media to understand and share best practices and reality-based policy initiatives. Attendees include a wide range of companies: large and small, established and start-up, publicly traded, privately held and B Corps. All of them enrich the dynamic opportunities at #SustyBiz.

Reserve your place at the table today:

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What we can still learn from Jefferson and Franklin

Posted by Bridge Alliance on August 07, 2017


Join 92Y + The Village Square this September as they celebrate the 230th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution with a return to civil dialogue in a polarized era.

With the Ben Franklin Circles and Jefferson Dinners, they're reviving two simple (and fun!) models of bringing people together face-to-face to examine shared values, hash out differences and chart paths forward for working together. On each of the websites, you can learn how to join or host a circle or dinner.

A toolkit has also been created with more details. View the first half of the toolkit here and the second half here.

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Bridge Action Update

Posted by Bridge Alliance on July 31, 2017

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Bridge Alliance recently received quarterly updates from our Bridge Action(formerly Collective Impact) Grantees. We are excited to share with you excerpts from three of ten updates. 

Leading with Civility - Improving relationships within state legislatures for better policy decisions. "There is so much interest, we're looking forward to preparing future projects, and maintaining our connection and partnership with each other." 

Utah Community Partners - Preserve and cultivate deeper levels of "civic ecosystem" in Utah by training facilitators to help spark and organize diverse forms of productive sociopolitical dialogue across the state. "We are so grateful for the support of the Bridge Alliance Collective Impact Fund, without which this project would likely not be possible; and in addition to the work we're doing on the ground, we're happy to be learning from this pilot initiative as we are planning other similar projects in states across the US. Thank you for this opportunity to make a difference!"
Bridging Divides - Better informing people of government procedures, successes and roadblocks, by creating, testing and distributing a new series of radio, TV and webcasts. "A major success of the project has been securing Stephanie Sy, a 17-year veteran of ABC news, Al Jazeera and Yahoo News, as the anchor. She is incredibly knowledgeable, with a breadth of experience on the local, national and international media stage. Apart from her broadcasting duties, she has agreed to help edit and mold the scripts as necessary, ensuring a high-quality product."  

We are proud of the work that is being done through our grant program and look forward to seeing and sharing next quarters updates. 

Bridge Alliance would also like to announce our two newest members - Common Good and The Center for Technology and Civic Life!

CommonGoodLogoNoTag_Tall.jpgCommon Good is a nonpartisan reform coalition that offers Americans a new way to look at law and government. We propose practical, bold ideas to restore common sense to all three branches of government based on the principles of individual freedom, responsibility and accountability. Learn More


CTC-logo-RGB_horizontal-GoTo-Header.jpegWe bring together expertise in research, training, data analysis, software development, and election administration to tackle some of today’s most pressing civic problems. With our powers combined, and yours, we are modernizing engagement with local government for millions. Learn More

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Living Room Conversations & Listen First Project

Posted by Bridge Alliance on July 21, 2017

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Part of the mission of Bridge Alliance is to encourage collaboration between aligned organizations. Our update this week highlights one such collaboration.

There are rarely more caricatured groups than Southern Conservatives and San Francisco Liberals. Using a video conference platform, two Bridge Alliance members broke through barriers within these groups to have a series of unprecedented conversations.  Living Room Conversations and the Listen First Project broadcast the first conversation over social media (with some assistance from other Alliance members) to reach over 60K people.  They are part of The Listening Coalition, along with other Bridge Alliance members, to bring conversations to even more people across the nation. 

Pearce Godwin, Founder of Listen First Project and The Listening Coalition, wrote a blog documenting his experience in these first conversations.

"Using video conferencing, we brought three Southern Conservatives and three San Francisco Liberals together for each of several Listen First / Living Room Conversations. Facilitated by Sabrina Moyle, Jamie Gardner and me, each of these conversations exceeded our wildest expectations and proved that we can break through any barrier and find common ground when we come together not as us versus them but as me and you..."

You can read the blog in full here containing an inspiring story with uplifting quotes from participants. You can also watch one of the Facebook Live conversations here.

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Two new members!

Posted by Bridge Alliance on July 10, 2017

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In the past week, Bridge Alliance has grown with 2 new members putting our membership count at 80! This growth in our membership base provides new opportunities for collaboration, civic problem solving, and public policy innovation. Our newest members are Listen First Project and Kitchen Table Democracy. We hope you will look into their work and support their efforts. 

Listen First Project is a global non-profit that facilitates greater understanding, respect and cooperation by encouraging the timeless but abandoned practice of listening to each other, especially to those with whom we disagree. Learn More

KTD-Logo-1300x1000.pngKitchen Table Democracy creates and fosters collaborative governance capacities, structures, and networks in states. They support leaders, offer a nationally recognized source of information and demonstrate the effectiveness of collaborative, democratic based processes. Learn More

Bridge Alliance and our members thank you for your ongoing support.

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More public participation can save American democracy

Posted by Bridge Alliance on July 03, 2017

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Jessie Conover from Healthy Democracy recently wrote a blog challenging Lee Drutman's bold statement that more public participation isn’t the answer to our political woes because the reasonable, civically-minded voter is a myth.

Jessie says that public participation is much deeper and creative than the identification and engagement of reasonable, civically minded voters and civic participation takes many forms beyond politics. Participating in democracy is about connecting to others in community settings, which includes but is not limited to the world of politics and policy.

"In the close of his piece, Drutman calls on us to abandon the search for the mythical average citizen and seek an alternative. Since the author fails to articulate an alternative, I offer one here: let us expand our understanding of public participation to include the multitude of civic actions that add value to our democracy."

These processes to build social and community take time, resources, and require creativity but it is a worthwhile investment in our democracy.

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