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Good Things Come in least for purposes of this update

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on May 31, 2019

Featured Blog Post: It Takes a Community - How City Leaders Demonstrate the Power of Citizen-Government Collaboration

We are proud to announce that -- once again -- the Bridge Alliance has welcomed three new members into the BA family. These members won’t come as a surprise to anybody who follows us on Twitter...which should be all of you! You can “Follow” us here. (do it now!) Without further ado, here are your newest Bridge Alliance organizations:

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Campaign and Election Groups Just. Keep. Winning. (Healthy Self Governance Update)

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on May 24, 2019

Featured Blog Post: Geo-Locating Protest: The Changing Role Of Tech In Social Movements Part I

There’s something very meta about the work of campaign and election groups. When they achieve victory, it necessarily impacts how others achieve victory. For instance, a victory by Open Primaries has the direct effect of making victory more likely for candidates who can appeal to independents.

If that seems a kind of confusing and odd way of thinking about this part of the Democracy Field …. well, welcome to my brain. With that said, let’s get out of my head and get to the good stuff -- the slew of wins that these groups have achieved over the last few months:

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America Indivisible Releases In-Depth Report on Religion and Civic Engagement

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on May 16, 2019

Featured Blog Post: The Psychology of Polarization And How We Can Overcome Our Prejudices

Earlier this month, America Indivisible -- one of the newest members of the Bridge Alliance -- released a collaborative study called “American Muslim Poll 2019.” To be honest, though, the title short-changes the report, which examines political attitudes, civic engagement, and Islamophobia among American Muslims, Jews, Christians (broken down by denomination), and Non-Affiliates.

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Ted gives a TED (Talk) and Better Angels discuss Depolarization, MLK, Jr. and more

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on May 10, 2019

Featured Blog Post: An Antidote to Divisiveness and Gridlock: COFFEE PARTY USA and Local Communities

TED Talks are a fascinating cultural phenomenon. The nonprofit (TED) was founded in 1984 as a conference under the slogan “ideas worth spreading,” and has been held annually since 1990. It wasn’t until 2006, though, that TED Talks were free to view online -- i.e. accessible by the general public. By June 2011, TED Talks earned over 500 million views, and that figure doubled by November 2012. TED Talks are now a ubiquitous part of modern culture and serve as a signal that the individual giving the 18-minute talk has “arrived.”

That’s why we were so excited when Joan Blades of Living Room Conversations and John Gable of AllSides gave a joint TED Talk in 2017. And it’s why we are proud to support Citizen University and celebrate Eric Liu’s third(!?) TED Talk titled “How to revive your belief in democracy.” You can check out that video as well as Eric’s new book titled “Become America: Civic Sermons on Love, Responsibility, and Democracy.”

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Good Governance Today, Better Governance Tomorrow...Take a Moment for Positivity (Outline Update)

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on May 03, 2019

Featured Blog Post: Convene, Convey, Converge: Ten Years of Bringing Unlikely Allies Together

Good Governance and Policymaking Update

I was sorely tempted to start this Weekly Update off with a joke (in fact, I had one picked out), but then I realized I was falling into a trap. Specifically, I was conflating “good governance and policymaking” with the dysfunction currently plaguing Congress. The truth, though, is that there are a lot of good things happening around the nation, as well as in Washington, D.C.

So take a deep breath and take a gander at some recent updates that show things aren’t quite as bad as they sometimes seem. And even where things are bad, there are a lot of smart people trying to think of good solutions:

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So THAT’S What You’re Interested In! (Survey Results)

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on April 26, 2019

Featured Blog Post: BallotReady - Election spotlight: Breaking down the numbers on every seat up for election this year

Last week we asked you to answer a short survey telling us what issue areas of the democracy revitalization movement you find most interesting, and many of you responded! Thank you! This week, we would like to share the results (please note that respondents could vote for more than one category):

  • In first place, a whopping 56% of respondents said they are interested in Bridging Ideological Divides -- a clear sign that you, our readers, believe that hyper-partisanship is harming our nation

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What Are YOU Interested In? (Quick Survey)

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on April 19, 2019

Featured Blog Post: POGO - Does the Assange Indictment Endanger Press Freedom?

From Day 1, the Bridge Alliance has positioned itself as a coalition for organizations trying to fix our political system from all angles. The result is that its members are involved in all parts of the democracy revitalization movement -- from helping people talk to overhauling our electoral systems.

We know, though, that it’s hard to be passionate about everything. That’s why we want to know what you’re interested in. Fill out our two question survey based on our member categories and watch for the results in an upcoming Weekly Update.

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Shhh...Did you hear that?

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on April 12, 2019

Featured Blog Post: Better Angels - Polarization is the Gateway to Authoritarianism

Shhh...Did you hear that?

That’s the sound of hundreds of conversations happening nationwide as part of the National Week of Conversation! Celebrating its second year, the National Week of Conversation is a project of the National Conversation Project, which encourages “people of all stripes [to] intentionally convene with the goal of mending our frayed social fabric and revitalizing America together.” You can hear more about it from NCP’s Executive Director Pearce Godwin in this MSNBC segment.

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Take a Second to Learn About Our (3!) New Members Plus CVP and VOP Release Major Reports

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on April 05, 2019

Featured Blog Post: Participatory Budgeting Project - Rochester asked residents to decide how to reduce poverty. Here are the results.

It’s always exciting to welcome new member organizations to the Bridge Alliance. Indeed, every time one is announced internally, it sets off a mini-celebration among the Bridge Alliance staff. That’s because every addition opens up a world of opportunities to collaborate and bring attention to your movement.

Over the last few weeks, the Bridge Alliance family has had three mini-celebrations:

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Report On How Policy Impacted ‘18 Turnout & How to Stream Unrig

Posted by Bridge Alliance Education Fund on March 29, 2019

Featured Blog Post: One America Movement - My Year with One America

One of the most fascinating features of the United States are its 51 (including D.C.) legislative laboratories -- each state has extensive freedom to set its own laws, particularly when it comes to voting. This gives us the opportunity to see how various policy concepts play out in reality. How does Same Day Registration impact turnout? How about Voting From Home? Would 16 and 17 year olds pre-register to vote if given the option?

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