The Waking Democracy Quiz

 The Waking Democracy is Here, Join the Civilution!DeadOpen.png

Here at the Bridge Alliance we are recognizing the Day of the    Dead by celebrating the Year of the Living!

Many of us are caught between going with the crowd in a zombie-like trance, that is, doing what we are supposed to do, saying what we are supposed to say.  But life, even civically and politically active life, doesn’t have to be this way.

Some of us are in different stages of “waking up” from this volition-less mob mentality – some are wide awake, some are waking up, and some of us have no idea that we are zombies at all. But there is hope for us all! And, perhaps more importantly, hope for the future. 

Take this quiz to find out how awake you are. And if you discover that you’re a flesh-eating zombie - take heart – there is hope for you too!

Think Small You just found out that you are a zombie and you are hungry for some living flesh. There is a group of living people to your right (possibly armed) and a small dog on your left (walking with a limp). Pretend, for moment, that you have the ability to choose your next step (which you don't because you are a zombie). What do you do?