The Waking Democracy

We hope you have enjoyed this quiz and we invite you to Join the Civilution by learning more about The Waking Democracy and our member organizations who are helping to lead the way in awakening our fellow Americans.

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Think Small 

If you'd like more information on how to think small and get more done, please visit one of our member organizations. Organizations like Reclaim the American Dream, Digital Citizen, Jefferson Center, NH Listens, NCDD, and Participatory Budgeting Project understand this principle and can be a great resource for tackling large problems doable piece by doable piece in your community.

Take a Bird's Eye View 

If you want to continue to practice your ability to take a broader, more informed view of the world around you, the following organizations are a great resource: All Sides, Civil Politics, American Public Square, Compassionate Cities, IAV American Values, Living Room Conversations, NCDD, Coffee Party, and Public Conversations Project.


If you’d like more information on how to grow this skill, visit some of our member organizations who specialize in helping people to work together to overcome shared obstacles: Future 500, Institute for Cultural Evolution, Mediators Foundation, Civil Politics, Healthy Democracy, Liberty Coalition.

Be a Leader

If you want to develop your leadership skills and learn how to use them to help others, here are just a few: Mediators Foundation, Run for America, Represent US, and Reclaim the American Dream.