The Political Is Now Personal

Posted by on February 12, 2017 at 1:08 PM


Our friend and partner at one of our member organizations Living Room Conversations, Ralph Benko, recently posted a blog about how we are letting politics tarnish our personal relationships. The United States of America was founded on using the diversity of view points to continually strive to create and innovate. How can we disagree passionately without losing compassion? 

"Is a clash in which the political becomes personal inevitable? Is injury to personal relationships regrettable, but necessary, collateral damage?

There is a quiet “counter-counter-revolution” afoot. It is exemplified by and among others. Its premise may be even more radical than that of the revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries: “The social is political.” 

Listening to, not reviling, those of opposing viewpoints may not — probably will not and should not — change many views on issues. But it transforms our understanding of many of those who hold opposing views, recognizing that those who hold opposing views are not necessarily fools or knaves."

We know you are dedicated to maintaining your relationships regardless of politics. Feel free to share broadly!

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