The Four Principles



When an organization joins the Bridge Alliance, they agree to adhere to The Four Principles. These Principles set the tone for the Alliance -- emphasizing basic principles of civic engagement and healthy democratic practice.

Perhaps most importantly, the Four Principles state that Bridge Alliance members are committed to collaboration and supporting each others' missions. The Bridge Alliance was founded on the idea that we can accomplish more together than we can on our own, and we ask each of our member organizations to operate according to that philosophy.

That does not mean that each member organization agrees with all of the solutions or decisions of the other member organizations. In fact, the Bridge Alliance explicitly declines to endorse any individual solution. It does, however, require a basic respect for each other, a willingness to engage, and an interest in collaborating when it makes sense.

The Four Principles are as follows:

(1) Alliance members believe that our country is stronger when our leaders work together constructively to meet the challenges we face.

(2) Alliance members advocate a stronger voice for citizens in the political and social process.

(3) Alliance members believe that respectful, civil discourse is necessary for genuine problem-solving to address our great challenges.

(4) Alliance members learn from each other and align efforts in mutual support to raise the collective visibility and impact of all member organizations.