The Diversity Report

The Bridge Alliance Education Fund Annual Diversity Report is designed to measure the progress of identity representation within the Healthy Self Governance Movement in comparison with the general population of the United States. 

Each year, Bridge Alliance collects information via research and survey results to take a count of age, racial/ethnic, geographic, ideological and gender diversity among our member organization executives and board members. This information is published side by side with census bureau statistics for a direct comparison of our demographics and the demographics of the nation we are working to revitalize. 

Our goal is to keep track of the state of representation in the Healthy Self Governance Movement and  raise awareness of steps that can be taken related to all DEI work with the hopes of having the movement be more reflective of the demographics of the country and of Bridge Alliance members specifically representing diverse viewpoints.  

This report is a call to enlarge our understanding that we are a diverse nation and to thrive as a people we must provide room for more diverse perspectives. Bridge Alliance will continue to offer programs to members and invitations for membership to increase the diversity of our member organizations. Opportunities for people to connect, engage, and develop authentic relationships will expand. As our network grows, our “operating system” will naturally become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

View the 2022 report here, and go back further and view the 2021 or 2020 reports in our archives.