The 2018 Civvys


The Civvys, America’s Only Awards Dedicated Exclusively to

Celebrating Civic Collaboration, Opens Call for Nominations


In a nation awash in divisiveness, there’s a profound need to recognize individuals and organizations who work together across differences for the best of their communities and this nation.

That’s why the Bridge Alliance and Big Tent Nation, organizations committed to the grapple against partisan rancor and division, joined forces in 2017 to develop the American Civic Collaboration Awards, or the Civvys. Now in its second year, the Civvys highlights best practices in civic collaboration and collective action that put community and nation before party, ideology, and narrow interests.

Last year, winners in the National, Local, and Youth categories were selected by a panel of civic engagement experts from a truly outstanding field of submissions. This year featured an additional “Political” category, focusing on campaigns and leaders that make collaboration and civility a core part of their message and operations.

The awards were presented in Washington, D.C. on October 18, during the National Conference on Citizenship, a distinguished event that brought together the best minds in civic engagement. The six winners (listed below) exemplify collaborative work that elevates democratic practices and civic engagement, thereby helping to revitalize our nation:

Be sure to check out the winners’ stories (especially if you want to brighten your day), and check out the dozens of organizations helping to create a better, healthier America.

In an era of animosity and division, it’s more important than ever to celebrate work that strengthens communities and reflects the collective fabric of American life.

By recognizing projects and processes that emphasize collaboration, civility and on-the-ground impact, the Civvys are a powerful means to honor this work and inspire more of it.