The Alliance Expands Again! New Leaders guided by faith, business, and a commitment to fair elections.

Posted by on August 22, 2018 at 3:53 PM

The Bridge Alliance was started with a simple question, “What can we do better together, that none of us can do alone?” Since then, the goal of the Bridge Alliance has been to bring together the leaders of the American revitalization movement. It’s now one step closer to its goal with the additions of One America Movement, Business for America, and The Center for Election Science.

  • The One America Movement was launched by Jewish, Muslim, and Evangelical Christian faith leaders to bring Americans together across traditional dividing lines to address pressing social problems. In June, One America organized an Iftar (a Muslim tradition) at a synagogue (Jewish house of worship) in Utah.
  • Business for America is an advocacy group for business leaders. Its focus is on using the credibility and expertise of the business community as a force for political change. More specifically, it’s committed to reforming elections, policy making, and governance.
  • The Center for Election Science is committed to fixing the electoral process by promoting Approval Voting, which would allow voters to support third party candidates without “wasting” their votes. They join Bridge Alliance members FairVote, the Center for Civic Design, and Open Primaries as organizations dedicated to empowering voters by revamping our voting systems.

In other news, the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution recently released its federal budget reform proposal. At a time when raw partisanship has made the budgetary process increasingly haphazard and unpredictable, Convergence brought together 23 ideologically diverse stakeholders to fix the process. The managing director of that effort recently gave a highly informative interview on the group’s solutions that you should not miss.

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