So, What Has the Alliance Done?….And Let’s Have a #DemocracyChat

Posted by on February 01, 2019 at 5:23 PM

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Over its nearly 4 year existence, the Bridge Alliance has lead and/or supported a number of inspiring projects -- Bridge Action Grants; Member Summits; the Democracy Awards. In their annual State of the Alliance, Debilyn and David do a fantastic job of summarizing the Alliance’s greatest hits and laying out its vision for the future in just two pages. If you believe in the Alliance’s mission and want to know what to expect next, this is a can’t-miss, easy read.

On February 5th, from 5 PM - 7 PM ET, @BrdgAllianceUS will ask supporters four questions about civic engagement. The event, titled #DemocracyChat, will give you and anybody else who is interested in the revitalization field the opportunity to connect with Bridge Alliance leaders and become part of the conversation. So make sure to follow @BrdgAllianceUS and use the hashtag #DemocracyChat once the questions are revealed next Tuesday.

Finally, the Bridge Alliance would like to introduce our newest member, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. CRFB is the preeminent organization dedicated to putting the United States on a fiscally sensible path, and counts among its board members Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson (of the Simpson-Bowles Commission), former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, and former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. If you are interested in budget and debt issues, make sure to check out their blog and follow them on Twitter @BudgetHawks.

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