Revamp News and Information to Engage Voters

Revamp News and Information to Engage Voters

AllSides; Living Room Conversations; Bring it to the Table; Coffee Party

People want an alternative to the divisive, partisan, self-destructive rhetoric and actions that dominate our news and politics. Those alternatives exist – you just don’t know it. 

“Bridging Divides” will showcase these alternatives, providing inspiring examples of mutual understanding, action, and respect across differences.

Through 365 radio episodes and 104 TV news segments a year, people nationwide will discover how people with very different backgrounds and beliefs can listen to each other, understand different sides, build relationships, and work together to solve problems for our nation and in our communities.

Hundreds of thousands of leaders, legislators, and active citizens have been tirelessly working to bridge divides through dialogue, understanding, and action. It is time that these great examples are put in the spotlight, inspiring people across the nation toward positive action., Bring It to the Table, Living Room Conversations and the Bridge Alliance are working together to provide these shining lights. The first step is the production of 4 radio pilots and 2 TV pilots as a proof of concept. Next various sponsors and broadcasters, some of whom have already shown initial interest, will review these pilots and eventually pick them up.Then we start sharing these inspirational examples with the nation – online, through radio, and on your local TV news broadcast.