Read about the Bridge Alliance in "Reunited States of America"

RSACover.pngBridge Alliance co-founder Mark Gerzon is releasing his new book March 1st and we want you to be some of the first people with this timely and important tool in hand!  That is why we are offering 30% off of the book when you pre-order as a member or supporter of the Bridge Alliance!  (discount code: bridge)

Here are 5 reasons why you want to take advantage of this offer and order your copy of The Reunited States of America TODAY:

  1. This book puts the spotlight on dozens of individuals and organizations that comprise this new narrative for Democracy 2.0. It is a manifesto for the movement thatincludes YOU - the transpartisan field is being described and honored like never before!
  2. It describes problem solving on some of the most difficult and divisive issues, such as: abortion, gun control, sex education, defense spending, criminal justice reform and more!

  3. Gerzon honors America, specifically our motto of “E Pluribus Unum—“out of many, one” while inviting us into a movement to Reunite our nation and put country before party! This book doesn’t ask party members to forfeit their values, rather it celebrates the beauty of all sides that is being lost in the rancor of our gridlocked politics.

  4. Gerzon explains what you can do starting now to strengthen our nation’s sense of unity while honoring the vital role of conflicting points of view. This book includes an important step by step process that each of us can learn from!

  5. We are in the heat of 2016 elections. While we all know that not one book, one person nor one organization has the power to change the course of American politics we believe that this new narrative, with your help, can rise up above the barrage of attack ads and hyperpartisanship!


For 30% off of your copy of the book click here and use the discount code: bridge