Represent.Us & FairVote

Posted by on October 31, 2016 at 1:05 PM



One of our members, Represent.Us, is the nation’s largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign. We bring together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to pass powerful anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money, and give voters a stronger voice. Together, we’re fixing our corrupt political system – so our leaders represent us.

This year, Represent.US has helped create statewide anti-corruption acts in two states, Washington (The Washington Government Accountability Act) and South Dakota (The South Dakota Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act). The Washington Act will end secret money and reveal who is buying political ads, encourage voter participation and empower small donors, and increase penalties for rule breakers. The South Dakota Act will end secret money, stop unlimited lobbyist gifts, and increase enforcement for violation of campaign and lobby laws.

OxU62jNH.jpgAnother one of our members, FairVote, has garnered broad support across the political spectrum for their initiative in Maine on ranked choice voting (RCV). RCV describes a voting system that allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference, and 

then uses those rankings to elect candidates. RCV is straightforward for voters, allowing them to rank as many candidates as they want without the fear that ranking others will hurt the choice of their favorite candidate. The campaign has released a video of the RCV benefits for Maine that you can watch here.

We are proud to support these organizations and our other members in their efforts to change our nation. We are making progress and we strongly urge everyone to vote in their respective communities.

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