Politics and Psyche Podcast

Welcome to Politics and Psyche, a series of meaningful conversations about how we can use the study of the mind to develop peaceful and impactful solutions to America's most pressing social and political issues. Every month, join Bridge Alliance Deputy Chief of Staff, Shakira Mills, Org Development Consultant Linda Ellinor and Psychotherapist Katy Byrne for a journey to discover the roots of our conflicts and how to truly heal from them.

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Shakira "Shay" Mills is a recent Virginia Wesleyan University graduate with a B.A in Communication, Political Science and Women/Gender Studies. Shay developed a passion for activism during her undergraduate years and is now dedicated to using her love of writing to advocate for American minority groups. Her goal is to change the perspective surrounding minority issues, resulting in collaborative change amongst all political parties, social classes, ethnicities, religious beliefs, etc. When she is not fighting for human rights, Shay is either working on her goal of becoming a professional filmmaker or curled up with a good book. 



Katy Byrne has been a Psychotherapist over 35 years, working with families, groups, couples and individuals. Her recent book is: The Power of Being Heard. It includes revelations about how repair in fractured relationships is possible. Katy was a radio host and producer at KSVY and KVON for fifteen years and is a columnist for The Sonoma Sun. Katy cares about bridging divides with respect - in our homes, between countries and in communities. She brings wisdom and wit to the world. Her website is ConversationwithKaty.com.





Linda Ellinor is an organization development consultant specializing in “Bohm-inspired Dialogue,” a communication process promoting collective conversational skills while also building trust in relationships. Her consultancy was formerly known as The Dialogue Group, and is now known as the Action Dialogue Group. She also has recently co-founded the Climate Dialogue Group, which incorporates Dialogue into strategic conversations on our global climate crisis. She builds on 10 years of experience in corporate marketing and new product development in such firms as AT&T, International Paper Company, Exxon and a subsidiary of the British Petroleum Corp. She has served the Center for Creative Leadership in their Leadership Development Program, and Drake, Beam, Morin as an out-placement consultant. She co-founded the US Academy of Professional Dialogue and served for 2½ years as its Vice President. She holds a MBA From Columbia University, and has completed a PhD program in Jungian Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her book, co-written with Glenna Gerard, is Dialogue: Rediscover the Transforming Power of Conversation, (1998, John Wiley & Sons) which has been translated into 5 languages.