Election Reform Letter to Funders - Please Sign Below

To Investors in Electoral Reform,

The Covid19 crisis offers both a challenge and an opportunity to ensure that Americans can vote this fall as safely and as easily as possible. Many reform organizations that you support are leading voter mobility efforts to expand voting options for the November election.

We the undersigned leaders within the cross partisan reform movement are  writing to ask: Is now the time for an unprecedented, coordinated investment strategy to assure optimal effectiveness and cost efficiencies for the efforts you are already funding?  

In other words, is now the time for major donors in this space to retain a highly skilled and trusted coordinator, to assure that key priorities are identified and funded and that the probability of voting success in November is optimized?

The mechanism I envision would facilitate, on behalf of the donors, the highest quality management of a three pronged approach over the next six months:

  • A laser-like focus on those at home voting state initiatives that have the highest probability of success prior to November and need the most support.
  • An integrated strategic plan that ensures that each Vote at Home state has the machinery, personnel and management plan necessary to effectively implement the volume of mail-in voting anticipated.
  • Adequate financing for the largest ever at home “get out the vote” campaign in late October/early November, driven by those groups most knowledgeable about mobilizing at home voting. 

We are living through most challenging times that also offer unprecedented opportunities.  However, unless funders collaborate to select priorities, help to manage and enhance the process and allocate funds,  our efforts will likely be sub-optimal.

Covid19 is testing our resolve to develop the most aggressive, highest impact plan that assures optimal at home voting in November.

We have developed a complete list of the leaders and organizations in this field and we are ready to cooperate with you in whatever ways you deem most effective.

Thank you for your consideration of the above.

Could we arrange a phone conversation next week to discuss the above.  Please email or call:

David L. Nevins 
President, Bridge Alliance 
[email protected]

Very best regards,
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