Democracy Field Overview


Democracy Field Overview


The linked Google Doc is a rough (albeit long and detailed) overview of the known work in the democracy field, including organizations inside and outside of the Bridge Alliance. This is, by definition, NOT a finished document. The field is constantly evolving, with new organizations, projects, and collaborations coming into existence all the time.

Because the field is constantly evolving, the outline is always being updated. That's where you come into play. Everybody is invited to suggest edits for the outline (directly within the document), which we will review on a consistent basis. Do you know of a non-Bridge Alliance organization doing great work in electoral reform? Add them in! How about an organization encouraging dialogue among people with different points of view? Put them in, too!

It is our hope that this document will be a resource to supporters who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the field; journalists who want to see who is causing change to happen; reformers who want to see who is doing similar work / look for possible collaborators; and others. But again, that will only happen with your help.

So dive into the outline, make suggestions, and feel free to share this document with friends and family.


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