What We Do

What is the Healthy Self-Governance Movement?

The Healthy Self-Governance Movement is a sprawling, decentralized network of organizations and leaders who are working hard to revitalize America. More specifically, they are promoting civility, transparency, effective governance, civic engagement, and a country before party mindset -- i.e. all the elements necessary for healthy self-governance in the democratic republic that is the United States.

None of the many organizations in the field or their talented leaders have the solution or “silver bullet” to fix America. Rather, they each represent a crucial thread for repairing the fabric of society.

It is the intent of the Bridge Alliance to weave these threads together into a tapestry (i.e. cohesive movement) that will reinvigorate our democratic institutions.

What is the Bridge Alliance?

The Bridge Alliance is a coalition of ~100 organizations working together to promote healthy self-governance in our democratic republic. Bridge Alliance member organizations span the ideological spectrum, but are unified to work efficiently, outside arbitrarily defined political lines. You can see the results of their work by visiting their websites / social media pages (accessible through our All Members page).

What Does the Bridge Alliance Do?

The Bridge Alliance supports the democracy ecosystem and advances the healthy self-governance movement.  

The Bridge Alliance nurtures consistent and open communications among its members and partners, developing a foundation of trust to foster collaboration. The Bridge Alliance and Bridge Alliance Education Fund work together to cultivate a greater shared identity and spread awareness of the movement.  

What the Bridge Alliance does to “Foster Collaboration & Identity”

  • Create and maintain avenues for communication between members
  • Host member convenings, which help fortify a community identity
  • Facilitate member knowledge & resource sharing
  • Build capacity of our members through peer-to-peer and consultant learning webinars

What the Bridge Alliance Education Fund does to “Spread Awareness”

  • Highlight Alliance members’ accomplishments through traditional and social media
  • Publish the Weekly Update to keep supporters informed about the Alliance
  • Develop new platforms for Alliance members and the movement as a whole

The Bridge Alliance and the Bridge Alliance Education Fund are also constantly exploring new and innovative projects to support the movement as a whole and the Alliance’s members specifically.

Most recently, the Bridge Alliance Education Fund made a substantial investment in The Fulcrum, which is a new hub of original reporting, profiles, video explainers, opinion pieces, the best coverage from around the country and more for readers seeking to learn more about efforts to strengthen American democracy.

What Do Our Members Do?

Our member organizations are involved in three broad categories within the Democracy Movement:

Civic Engagement - Our members promote civic engagement, from the grassroots to the national levels. This includes encouraging an informed, active citizenry at every level of government and facilitating healthy, productive debate among citizens of all backgrounds and ideologies.

Campaigns and the Election Process - Our members work to make the American electoral system fair and accessible. This includes breaking down barriers for independent voters and candidates; working with government officials to make voting secure and straightforward; reducing the influence of money in politics; and advocating new methods of voting to better represent the will of voters.

Governance and Policymaking - Our members support public officials at all levels of government. This includes assisting officials with their basic duties as well as organizing and facilitating decision-making processes that involve direct and meaningful collaboration with the general public.

Within each sector, members specialize in one or more segments of work. Individually, these organizations do noble work. Together, these organizations are a democracy ecosystem (field) that is the backbone of a transformative cross-partisan movement. This movement is timely and crucial, so we may halt the corrosive effects and reverse the national antagonism that permeates our social and political processes.