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The future of our nation depends on engaging the next generation of civic leaders in political discourse. These members are helping young Americans organize and get involved in politics.

  • The American Conservation Coalition is changing the narrative on environmental discussions through promoting a mix of free-market, pro-business, and limited-government environmentalism in legislatures, college campuses, the political arena, and beyond. 

  • The American Democracy Project (ADP) is a network of more than 260 state colleges and universities focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. 

  • BridgeUSA believes that sustained dialogue through policy-based forums, guest speakers, roundtable negotiations, rapid prototyping, and other active listening and communication events can foster positive change in millennial's political discourse

  • At Civic Influencers, we help these young leaders develop their identities as political actors with agency, as voters and participants in our democracy. We engage young people, faculty and campus administrators, community organizations, and civic leaders to create and foster a youth voter-friendly climate.

  • Civic Spirit partners with faith communities representing complex demographic and political diversity to create a collaborative network and build civic education for the 21st century, while preparing students for the responsibilities of citizenship.

  • Civics Unplugged is a 501(c)(3) social enterprise whose mission is to empower the leaders of Generation Z to build the future of American democracy.

  • College to Congress (C2C) creates pathways for high-achieving college juniors, seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates to intern in CongressThrough our comprehensive program, we aim to disrupt the traditional pipeline of solely wealthy and connected people filling positions of power in the United States Congress.

  • GenUnity supports passionate, proximate adults to connect across difference, unpack local issues, and drive positive systems change in their communities.

  • GOOD Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed through the social impact alliance of GOOD Worldwide, Upworthy and Net Impact, to address important issues, drive social action and reimagine the possibilities for our shared future.

  • iCivics exists to engage students in meaningful civic learning. We provide civics teachers well-written, inventive, and free resources that enhance their practice and inspire their classrooms, ensuring every student receives a high-quality civic education. 

  • The mission of the Junior State of America Foundation is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society

  • The McCourtney Institute for Democracy is a research center in the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State. Through research, education, and outreach, we seek to understand, preserve, and defend democracy. We strive to help people in the Penn State community and beyond become better democratic citizens.

  • Student Governmental Affairs Program (SGAP), a national nonprofit headquartered near Dallas, Texas, brings U.S. government and civics to life through civics resources that help K-12 teachers engage students in current issues and legislation in Congress. SGAP supplements classroom instruction with non-partisan resources that teach responsible citizenship through civic participation.

  • The Center for Politics thought–provoking and timely political analysis and our pragmatic civic education programs have formed the core of our activities throughout the past decade. The mission of the University of Virginia Center for Politics is to educate and inspire our citizenry about practical politics and civic engagement through programs that are unique, compelling, and open-minded.

  • The Youth Leadership Initiative, a program of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, develops free education resources designed to assist civics teachers, and encourage students to participate in the political process.

  • Up to Us is dedicated to building a sustainable economic and fiscal future for America’s next generation. Up to Us doesn’t just educate and engage - it empowers. Our unique program provides emerging leaders a platform for facilitating a collaborative dialogue on the country’s most vexing challenges.

  • The Center for the Political Future (CPF) combines rigorous intellectual inquiry, teaching, and practical politics to advance civil dialogue and research that transcends partisan divisions and finds solutions to pressing national and global challenges.

  • Young Voices provides fledgling writers with the guidance needed to succeed during the most critical years of their early career. We do so by acting as a copy editor, agent, and mentor to a roster of pro-liberty writers through our cornerstone Contributors Program.