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Society benefits tremendously when crosspartisan thought leaders dedicate their time and energy to researching society's issues and proposing innovative solutions. These members play a critical role in developing the ideas that power the healthy self-governance movement.

  • A More Perfect Union: The Jewish Partnership for Democracy exists to build and support a robust, well-resourced, transpartisan Jewish coalition working together to strengthen democracy. 

  • The founding members of Election Reformers Network have worked to support hundreds of election processes in scores of countries over a thirty-year period. Our work focuses on supporting the range of institutions critical to democracy including civic organizations, political parties, election administration and legislative bodies.

  • We at the Institute for Community Solutions are changemakers, policymakers, researchers, and writers who believe that the best solutions to community problems come from the community themselves. We are dedicated to finding community solutions to community problems.

  • Issue One is the leading crosspartisan political reform group in Washington, D.C. We unite Republicans, Democrats, and independents in the movement to fix our broken political system. Issue One’s ReFormer’s Caucus of more than 200 former members of Congress, governors, and Cabinet officials is the largest coalition of its kind ever assembled to advocate for political reform.

  • Truth in Accounting believes truthful accounting is the key for citizens, legislators, and the press to clearly understand the truth about government finances. Our work has focused on encouraging public entities to produce financial reports that are comprehensive, clear, and transparent.

  • Up to Us is dedicated to building a sustainable economic and fiscal future for America’s next generation. Up to Us doesn’t just educate and engage - it empowers. Our unique program provides emerging leaders a platform for facilitating a collaborative dialogue on the country’s most vexing challenges.