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It is the responsibility of every citizen to question authority. These members are making sure that our representatives are held accountable for their actions and bringing attention to the big-monied interests that fund the political system.

  • American Promise is a strategic, inter-partisan organization designed to win the 28th Amendment to the Constitution so that people - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern America

  • Fix Democracy First focuses on reforms intended to strengthen democracy in Washington State and nationally, that include campaign finance reform, public funding of elections, ranked choice voting, reversing Citizens United, expanding voting access, and increasing civic participation.

  • Issue One is the leading crosspartisan political reform group in Washington, D.C. We unite Republicans, Democrats, and independents in the movement to fix our broken political system. Issue One’s ReFormer’s Caucus of more than 200 former members of Congress, governors, and Cabinet officials is the largest coalition of its kind ever assembled to advocate for political reform.

  • RepresentUs is building a non-partisan movement to pass tough anti-corruption laws in cities and states across America, and end the legalized corruption that has come to define modern politics. Our system should not require people to buy access to their own government.