Our Growing Membership

Posted by on November 21, 2016 at 5:20 PM


The Bridge Alliance membership base has been growing quickly. This means greater exposure for organizations doing political bridge building work, more opportunities for strategic partnerships and joint collaboration, and building capacity and support for the transpartisan movement. We are excited to announce three more organizations that have been added to our network, Millennial Action Project, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, and Common Ground Committee.

The Millennial Action Project has an audacious mission: re-establish political cooperation across parties and defeat the polarization and gridlock that is holding back our government and country. Our generation has a unique opportunity to forge a new path and lead our nation into the future, which is why MAP is committed to activating our nation's youngest generation of leaders and lawmakers.

Preparing graduates for their public lives as citizens, members of communities, and professionals in society has historically been a responsibility of higher education. The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge recognizes those postsecondary campuses committed to improving democratic engagement, increasing student voter participation rates, and graduating students with a lifelong commitment to being informed and active citizens. It also awards exemplary efforts in these same areas.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-21_at_2.48.42_PM.pngCommon Ground Committee's mission statement is to pursue initiatives which will reveal common ground for finding truth, clarity, understanding, and progress on issues of importance in a civil manner that does not require compromise of fundamental principles.




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