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One of our Bridge Alliance members, Open Primaries, has gotten much deserved press from news and media outlets in the past few months. Open Primaries advocates for open and nonpartisan primary systems, counters efforts to impose closed primaries, and educates voters. 

Here are a few recent mentions:
The Disillusioned American Voter - DAME
"Opdycke’s organization is setting its sights on primary reform by helping to increase competition among all parties, particularly in places where the incumbent runs unchallenged by a “token” member of the opposite party. In the new system his organization is working to make happen, you’d get not just two Democrats facing off, but “you get a Democrat and a Green, or a Democrat and a Peace and Freedom member. So you end up with a November election that is actually competitive where the two most popular candidates, they'll have a base and a set of issues that resonate,” Opdycke says."

Open primaries are the answer to America’s election woes — so what are we waiting for? - The Hill
"The issue of open primaries is not a Democratic Party issue. It is not a Republican Party issue. It is an American issue that goes back to our 'no taxation without representation' roots."

Open Primaries President John Opdycke on Boston Herald Radio Morning Meeting
John Opdycke makes a strong case for Open Primaries during an interview on Boston Herald Radio. Listen to John take an emphatic stand for democracy, in what host Hillary Chabot called a "truly great radio" segment.

We would also like to welcome our newest member - Center for Civic Design!
The Center for Civic Design works to ensure voter intent. Their goal is to make every interaction between government and citizens easy, effective, and pleasant. We encourage you to read more about the great work they do.

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