New members & announcements

Posted by on February 27, 2017 at 4:56 PM


This week, we are making a few announcements for our current members and announcing three new member organizations to join Bridge Alliance: OpenGov Foundation, icitizen, and Citizen University.

Essential Partners recently won a $215,000 grant for a two-year project with the University of Connecticut around developing a teaching model for intellectual humility. This is the largest award granted to the organization in their 27 year history. Learn more here

The National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation is hosting a webinar with Journalism That Matters. This webinar will be about strengthening partnerships and collaboration between journalists and dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement practitioners on Wednesday, March 15th from 1-2:30 pm Eastern / 10-11:30am Pacific. Learn more here

OpenGov-Logo.pngThe OpenGov Foundation bridges the gap between citizens and government. We build the tools that power lawmaking for modern democracy. They boost collaboration and openness in governments and communities. Their software, coalition-building and events are designed to change the culture of government.

ic_fb_share.pngicitizen removes the headache of engaging in the political process whether you're a citizen, organization, elected official or school. icitizen is a nonpartisan civic engagement app that facilitates open communication and collaboration between citizens and their elected leaders to shape the policies that affect their lives.


Citizen University works with a national array of partners to help Americans cultivate the values, systems knowledge, and skills of effective citizenship.


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