Meet Doug Nickle -- Our new Director of Development!

Posted by on January 22, 2018 at 5:40 PM

Hello Bridge Alliance members and supporters,

I'm grateful and highly enthusiastic to join the Bridge Alliance as Director of Development. I'm eager to help advance the transformational reform efforts of the Bridge Alliance organizations as we aspire together to form a more perfect Union. I've enjoyed working with many of you in the course of my duties at Take Back Our Republic, and more recently, through Dare To Be United.

I joined the Bridge Alliance because I believe our nation is at a crucial turning point. We can no longer accept the corrosive outcomes of "establishment quo" politics in our self-governance. We must redefine political courage; it takes more backbone to work together on areas of agreement than reflexively fighting against “the other side” for useless and unsustainable partisan gain. We must stop wasting time on the narrower set of issues that divide us and start working with each other on the vast sea of opportunities that will create a more representative government of, by, and for We the People.

The time for this shift in our political consciousness is NOW. The window to make actionable our revolutionary ideas is wide open. Thus, the Bridge Alliance has bold plans for 2018!

Leading up to what will be a contentious set of midterm elections, the Bridge Alliance will keenly focus on driving the message of Return on Investment (ROI) to the politically philanthropic donor community. It is a myth that there is a finite donor pie from which nonprofits can draw support. The truth is that many political donors squander BILLIONS of dollars on individual politicians and campaigns, in an attempt to buy influence within the party-first political system. Yet we continue to see the same special-interest-driven outcomes, with marginal, if any, return on investment for the donors or our fellow citizens.

To assist in delivering this message, we call on BA members and supporters to continuously promote the country-before-party vision and strategy we all share. In kind, the Bridge Alliance will support the individual and collective efforts of the Alliance membership as stated in our 2018 plan.

On behalf of the Bridge Alliance organizational team, I thank you for your truly patriotic reform efforts. As we each embark upon the political reform work we favor, we do so informed by the work of others in our field.. There are many approaches to political reform that the BA members embrace and it is this diversified approach to political reform that sets us apart with investors and with the American citizenry.  

We are honored to work with you as catalysts in the new reform movement. Our collaborative, noble pursuit will lead to an increasingly engaged electorate and more inclusive democracy. Stand fast BA members and supporters -- we are at the start of a momentous, historic undertaking!

Please feel free to contact me directly with any development questions or for any assistance I can offer.

Thank you!

Doug Nickle

Director of Development, Bridge Alliance

[email protected]