Justice, Diversity, Equity Fund


We are proud to announce the creation of the Bridge Alliance Justice, Diversity, Equity Fund, managed by the Bridge Alliance Education Fund, our affiliated 501(c)(3).

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We are very excited to be partnering with two respected organizations to increase our impact on the depth of societal inequities and systemic failures facing our nation.

First, we are partnering with The Greater Washington Community Foundation (GWCF) to create a Justice Fellows program to support local activists, organizers, and leaders who are on the front lines of advancing social justice and racial equity. The goal is to help scale the work of community activists, organizers, and emerging leaders by providing financial support so that they may continue to "live" while they lead. 
Our investment of $150,000 will be matched 1:1 by GWCF to support local activists in the Greater Washington region including:

  • Financial assistance to cover work-related expenses
  • Stipends to cover cost of living expenses
  • Capacity building and training opportunities 

Awards of up to $50,000 will support leaders who have demonstrated their potential in the past 6 to 18 months on issues related to racial injustice, peaceful police/community relations and organizing systemic racism initiatives.

Justice Fellows will be selected through an application process with GWCF and vetted by community leaders, partners, and funders engaged in grassroots organizing and leadership.

Secondly,  Bridge Alliance Education Fund is partnering with the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund (BV4BJ), a new philanthropic initiative led by Wes Moore, Jean Desravines, Kristen Clarke, Shavar Jeffries and John B. King, Jr. with support from The Moriah Fund, Galaxy Gives, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), and CityBridge Foundation. 

The Black Voices for Black Justice Fund was established to invest in Black leaders and Black-led organizations that are addressing the systemic racism that plagues American society. The Fund will amplify clarion messages about racial injustice over the next 6-12 months in the context of police brutality; the disproportionate impact of the pandemic along racial lines – including health care disparities and the heightened economic trauma – and inequities in access to education, legal aid , sustaining capital for minority-owned businesses, and voting practices. GWCF will also accept applications from Black Voices for Black Justice Fund.

The Black Voices for Black Justice Fund will focus on the following objectives:

Our combined partnerships with the Greater Washington Community Foundation and the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund results in a powerful alliance to:

  • Enable the Bridge Alliance Justice Fellows to connect BV4BJ’s extensive network of leading political, corporate and nonprofit leaders to help advance their work and to collaborate with its network of national and global leaders in education, human rights, and women’s rights. relationships with community activists to learn how we can engage more fully with community activists and leaders across the entire country.
  • Make available the network of Bridge Alliance members. Plus connect grantees to the Bridge Alliance Mastermind Cohort leaders who represent diverse organizations and communities. 

As Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

You can donate to the JDE Fund by clicking here.
Please contact us if you want to learn more about how together we can further bend that arc by building a republic that is truly representative of the full mosaic of our country’s diversity.