It’s 2020...Let’s Stay Focused

Posted by on January 09, 2020 at 5:08 PM

It’s officially the year 2020, and that means that we have a highly consequential election upcoming. If you’re reading this, I can confidently say that you have a strong opinion about which party’s nominee should control the White House in 2021.

I can also confidently say, though, that the winner of this election -- regardless of who they are -- will not fix America. That’s because there’s no silver bullet for fixing our system, and no single program, organization, or individual is capable of creating the type of change that we need; our problems are simply too numerous and complex.

With that in mind, it is absolutely vital that we keep our eyes on the prize of healthy self-governance, which necessarily requires work in the areas of civic engagement, campaigns & elections, and good governance. Below are efforts in each of those areas that you can learn about / get involved with to start your year off on the right foot.

Civic Engagement

→ Watch this CNN video on how Living Room Conversations facilitated cross-partisan understanding among a group of immigrants based on mutually held values. And read recaps from an Albanian born liberal and a Brazilian born conservative.

→ Get informed on what impeachment means and how the process works with IssueVoter.

Campaigns & Elections

→ Sign up for a conference call on how RepresentUs plans to fight corruption in 2020, and get a refresher on the historic victories of 2019.

→ Share your perspective on debates with Better Angels.

Good Governance

→ Learn how to speak with your elected representatives about clean water and sustainability with ASBC.

→ If you’re in the D.C. area, join R Street Institute for a special panel on how we can reform Congress to make it work.


We hope you’ll take advantage of some of these opportunities and help the movement start the decade off right!

As always, thank you for your support.


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