Invest America Fund and Bridge Alliance Collaboration

Posted by on December 15, 2016 at 11:49 AM

The Bridge Alliance is proud to announce an investment strategic partnership between the Bridge Alliance and Invest America Fund. 

The Bridge Alliance recently announced a $300,000 grant program to Bridge Alliance members who best qualify for investment funds based on the strength of their collaborative programs.  A fundamental tenet that drives the Bridge Alliance strategy is the conviction that for significant political transformation to occur, a network must be established to build a shared identity, raise visibility, strengthen and expand the numbers of organizations and individuals dedicated to collaborative civic problem solving and collaborative public policy innovation. The funding of collective impact programs will drive this process. 

Invest America has just launched it’s first national fund focused on bipartisan and nonpartisan policy reform and transformation.  The fund provides seed financing and grants to the emerging community of political entrepreneurs whose core mission is to solve our toughest national problems.

Please refer to the two links below from Invest America Fund:

We are proud to announce that Invest America Fund has committed to allocating a significant portion of their funds to investing in Bridge Alliance collective impact projects.

An important Stanford University writing entitled “Channeling Change” Making Collective Impact Work” states the following 

“The complex nature of most social problems belies the idea that any single program or organization, however well managed and funded, can single-handedly create lasting large-scale change. “ 

We are confident that the strategic partnership just announced between Invest America Fund and Bridge Alliance is the first step bringing the infrastructure and financing to the bipartisan/nonpartisan political movement that is needed now more than ever.