Get Into the (Civic) Spirit! The Bridge Alliance Welcomes Another!

Posted by on September 05, 2019 at 4:34 PM

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For me personally, it’s always exciting to hear that yet another respected organization has accepted its invitation to join the Bridge Alliance. It’s even more exciting when it’s an organization that I was already familiar with and admired. That has happened quite a few times since I joined the Bridge Alliance family a couple of years ago, and it happened again last week.

Civic Spirit is working hard to restore faith in our democratic republic within communities and schools rooted in faith traditions. They are doing this with inspiring events like Civic Spirit Day, where students and educators from throughout the New York metropolitan area came together to explore their roles as civically responsible members of society. As part of the programming, students worked together to create radio and NYC subway PSAs that would inspire other young people to get involved with their communities. You can watch a snapshot of the results here (make sure to watch to the end).

Speaking of (relatively) young leaders -- the Millennial Action Project just hosted its 2019 Future Summit early last month in Nashville, TN. Sixty millennial-generation legislators from across the country joined together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of lawmaking and explore how to build bipartisan consensus around innovative policy solutions. With over 700 state legislators from both parties in 29 state Future Caucuses, MAP’s constituents are rapidly positioning themselves to shape our nation’s future sooner rather than later. We are excited to see what comes next.

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