Five new members!

Posted by on December 04, 2016 at 2:03 PM


We at Bridge Alliance hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. In the past week, have grown by 5 new member organizations which puts our total membership at 54! The rapid growth in our membership provides proof that organizations and individuals in our nation are committed to collaborative civic problem solving and public policy innovation. Our newest members are All In Together, Stronger U.S. Education Fund, Independent Voter Project, National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL), and TheChisel.

All In Together is a non-partisan, collaboration-driven campaign to empower and inspire American women to fully engage in the political process and drive meaningful change on the social and political issues they care about most. We leverage research, community building and technology to ensure women have power and voice in American politics equal to their numbers.

Unknown_10.56.19_AM.pngStronger U.S. envisions an America in which all citizens have access to the middle class and the American Dream; with a responsive government; in which everyone does their fair share and plays their part. Stronger U.S. is a new national organization focused on developing grassroots leaders who are capable of organizing their own communities across multiple issue areas. We are building a stronger U.S. by building a stronger us. 

IVP-Logo-IVN_(1).jpgIndependent Voter Project's mission is to fundamentally reverse a political trend that is the inevitable consequence of an election system that elects over 90% of its politicians in very low turnout, party-controlled primaries. The IVP solution is premised upon the notion that all voters, even those who choose not to join a political party, are entitled to equal access to the ballot box and an equal opportunity to vote for whomever they please.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKNAAAAJDcyYmZjOTQ1LTY4MzItNDZkMy1hNTdjLTM1NjJjYmM3MmE5Yg.pngSince 1938, NFWL has served as a forum for elected women from across the country to be empowered through information and experience. As the oldest organization for elected women in America and the ONLY one that includes women on the city, county and state levels, we encourage our members to take leadership roles and form connections across the aisle. We know that only by working together, can we achieve our goals.

TheChisel_Logo_CMYK.pngTheChisel offers you a unique platform to engage in public policy-making with experts from nonpartisan organizations and bipartisan coalitions. You can comment on proposals these experts have created—they’ll listen to your feedback and revise the proposals to build consensus nationwide. And then, we’ll help these organizations send these proposals to Congress.

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