Exemplars of Public Service Receive Democracy Awards

Posted by on July 03, 2019 at 6:26 PM

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The Bridge Alliance is proud to be a Founding Partner of the Congressional Management Foundation's Democracy Awards! During a time of fierce polarization and mistrust in government, the Democracy Awards recognize exceptional work in the areas of constituent services, workplace environment, transparency and accountability, and lifetime achievement. As you’ll see from the links, great work is still being accomplished on the Hill by both Democrats and Republicans, even in the most partisan times.

While most Americans know elected officials like Senator Rubio and the late Senator McCain from their politics, few are aware of the intricacies of how these representatives interact with their constituents and staff. Senator Rubio’s office works hard to “operationaliz[e] constituent empathy.” and was recognized accordingly. Meanwhile, Senator McCain had a long, distinguished career that won him praise from both sides of the aisle. That’s why both were honored at the Democracy Awards last month.

A current member of Congress stated the following. “Congress is a 19th century institution often times using 20th century technology to respond to 21st century problems.” And that’s exactly why we believe the Democracy Awards are so important (and why the Bridge Alliance joined the Congressional Management Foundation as a Founding Partner of the project). We must work hard to recognize successes, when they exist, to modernize and improve Congress.

In other news, Cities of Service is looking for AmeriCorps VISTA members and leaders to serve in city halls around the nation. If you’re a big believer in making a difference at the local level -- or know somebody who is -- this might just be the opportunity for you!

Finally, we want to give a big shout-out to everybody who responded to last week’s survey. Impressively, it appears that many of you have friends who disagree with you on political issues, and that you talk politics with them. Well done!

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