Educators Gain a Powerful Tool for Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Posted by on December 07, 2018 at 6:14 PM

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We are excited to announce that three members of the Bridge Alliance -- Living Room Conversations, AllSides, and the Mediators Foundation -- have joined forces to create AllSides for Schools. This joint project embodies the spirit of the Bridge Alliance, which encourages members to collaborate in order to reach heights that no single organization could achieve on its own.

AllSides for Schools provides educators with an array of free and easy to use classroom activities, lesson plans, and other resources to achieve the site’s goal of “Preparing students for thoughtful participation in democracy -- and in life.” Additionally, the site discusses Common Core standards and explains how its programming helps students achieve those standards -- a very clever and thoughtful way of showing how AllSides for Schools fits into the core curriculum.

There’s a ton more on the website that we can’t cover here (and a lot more to come!), so check it out! You don’t have to be an educator to appreciate the many resources available.

In other news, a number of Bridge Alliance members are hosting events in various cities around the nation. So if you’re a supporter in Chicago, Tallahassee, or Washington, D.C., be sure to join in on the fun! You might also be able to catch a concert if you live in the Mid-Atlantic or New England.

As always, thank you for your support.


Jeremy Garson
Bridge Alliance Education Fund

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