Diversity is the Operating System

Healthy Self-Governance

Given the imperative for the healthy self-governance field to become more equitable and inclusive, Bridge Alliance Education Fund is leading an effort for community-based organizations and leaders to build relationships with more established organizations and foundations within our network. Bridge Alliance Education Fund is committed to coalition building across sectors in order to provide community leaders and organizations with equitable resources, not normally available. The combined efforts of members and the coalition partners will provide modeling  for the democracy reform space to be responsive  to community issues, thereby expanding the number of people involved in social, cultural and democratic reforms. As we increase the diversity of who is “in the room” for collective action, we become more representative of the nation we are working to improve. We launched our first cohort in late March 2020.

Leaders MasterMind Cohort (click to meet members)  


As we upgrade the social contract and operating system of our country, we must do so with equity and inclusion as the foundation.Bridge Alliance continues to bridge efforts of social entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders in local communities with national efforts to strengthen democratic practice.

The Bridge Alliance Leaders Mastermind Cohort is a short-term learning experience curated for diverse civic and social entrepreneurs practitioners, advocates and creatives. Co-learners share respective ideas, projects and initiatives while advancing their work rooted in the principle of collaborating for greater good.Mastermind sessions are designed to jumpstart your social enterprise or concept…progressing from idea to initiative. Co-learners engage design thinking-inspired techniques and perspective encouraging  ignition of their unique “practice of change”.


Social entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders will improve their effectiveness as leaders and, in turn, their organizations, adding to sustainability and scaling through a mutual-aid strategy of collaborative learning and peer coaching.  Additionally we encourage community-based organizations and leaders to build relationships with more established organizations and foundations within our network. 


  • Identify a new potential reality—idea
  • Explore strategies and skills for advancement of an idea—concept
  • Actualize a plan, proposal and/or prototype of concept
  • Synthesize collaborative learning experience into practice


  • Six in-person virtual cohort sessions 75 minutes in length
  • Recommend a minimum of 2.5 hours per week (in between sessions)


Orientation to Master Mining: imagine, innovate, initiate

Session I: Prospecting
An embodied practice of discovery and understanding regarding what constituencies need, desire, value and/or care about.

Session II: Exploration 
Sharing in collaborative activities and employing means for asking the right kinds of
questions and setting the stage.

Session III: Mine Design
Empathic modeling of contextual analysis, relationship building, program development. Get beyond assumptions and bias inherent in design and/or programming 

Session IV: Drill
Discovery and discernment of insightful, inspiring and motivating variables, applications, etc. in advancement of concept.

Session V: Production
Plan, proposal and/or prototype of refine adapted insights for application in real-time…real-world context.

Session VI: Reclamation 
Quick Pitch presentations and MMC Commencement


If you would like to apply for a future cohort, you may do so here


As we looked around our inaugural summit in 2018, we noted that our participants were not representative of the nation as a whole. We needed more diversity in several key areas, namely ideological, ethnic/racial, faith, age, geography and more.