Daily Resource Highlight - 11/21/2022

Posted by on November 21, 2022 at 10:11 PM

Below are the highlights and featured resources of this past week’s Daily* Resource.

November 15, 2022 - Underreported News on the Midterm Elections

I am not proud to admit that I have been glued to the Internet over the past week following various races and vote counts. That included figuring out the best sources for updates on Nevada and Arizona. It is not healthy behavior and I don’t recommend it – even as I continue to do it for uncalled House elections.

Here’s what we know, though: Democrats held onto their slim majority in the U.S. Senate; Republicans will likely take the U.S. House with their own slim majority; and states varied widely in their partisan swings at both the federal and state level. And in terms of immediate post-elections news coverage, left, center, and right leaning outlets all acknowledged the uncertain balance of power, with outlets from each part of the spectrum discussing the lack of a “Red Wave.” AllSides also noted the lack of attention to state elections.

It also seems to have been a good day for the future of our democracy. Our own Debilyn Molineaux worked the polls, and asked for poll workers’ experiences across the country; the responses were uniformly positive. And it seems like most citizens and candidates are respecting the principles of the Safe and Fair Elections Pledge, with losing candidates in both parties respectfully conceding.

Additionally, election reformers saw their hard work pay off with Ranked Choice Voting being approved by voters in 3 major cities and 1 county. Reformers also saw victories in Arkansas (ballot initiatives), Oakland, CA (campaign finance), and San Francisco, CA (aligning election years), and open primary / RCV / AV ballot measures currently hold small leads in Nevada and Seattle, WA.

And now….it’s time to keep moving. There are still votes to be counted and run-off races scheduled, but election season is over for most Americans. In recognition of that, we invite you to fill out Narrative Project’s “Improving the news” survey. Narratives Project wants to make sure it’s serving you as an everyday American, and they appreciate your honest feedback.

November 17, 2022 - The Meaning of Thanksgiving? And Approaching Deadlines.

Our nation has a long history of treating Native Americans poorly and breaking its promises to various tribes. It appears that one of those promises may be fulfilled, though, nearly 200 years later. The House will be hearing testimony about adding a non-voting delegate from the Cherokee nation, in fulfillment of the 1835 Treaty of New Echota.

This news comes as the Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaches. While the meaning of Thanksgiving has become controversial in recent years, it’s still seen as a time for American families to come together. That may include family members with different political views. To help equip you to handle these differences in productive ways, Braver Angels is offering a two-part workshop this Saturday at 10 AM ET.

Meanwhile, the end of the year also comes with important deadlines. For college students, graduate students, and recent grads, College to Congress is offering a fully paid for Congressional internship experience in Washington, D.C. (placements are with offices that pay their interns). The experience includes help finding a full-time position after college. The deadline to apply is November 27th, so make sure to get started on the application ASAP! (Note: In order to qualify, you must be a Pell Grant recipient).

The deadline is also coming up for nominees for National Civic League’s (NCL) All-America City Awards. Letters of intent are due on December 15th. As a reminder, this year’s focus is on young people; both promoting their well-being and getting them engaged in civics.

Finally, the current Session of Congress is coming to an end with a lot of work still to do. Reformers like Business for America are working hard to make sure the Electoral Count Reform Act becomes law. And with the country borrowing at record levels, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget is imploring lawmakers to stop borrowing this year, and also to commit to raising the debt ceiling and passing a proper budget next year.