Civilution Awards

Presented by The Bridge Alliance


Get out your tux. Your designer gown. Start preparing your acceptance speech.

We’ll see you on the Red, White, and Blue carpet!

The inaugural Bridge Alliance Civilution Awards, presented by the “Academy of Civility and Bridge-Building Arts & Sciences,” will honor one individual and one organization for truly embodying the Civilution Declaration and exemplifying best bridge-building practices.

Civilution Declaration
I will:

All nominees  - both individuals and organizations - will be considered based on the following core principles and criteria :


Nominations for this prestigious award will be accepted February 1st  through February 14th with a culminating virtual awards ceremony to recognize excellence in our field on February 28, 2016.  

Judges will review submission, media stories, blogs and websites.  Judges are volunteers and staff of the Bridge Alliance. 

Please include contact information for your nominee. If you would like to make more than one nomination, email [email protected].