Campaign and Election Groups Just. Keep. Winning. (Healthy Self Governance Update)

Posted by on May 24, 2019 at 4:05 PM

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There’s something very meta about the work of campaign and election groups. When they achieve victory, it necessarily impacts how others achieve victory. For instance, a victory by Open Primaries has the direct effect of making victory more likely for candidates who can appeal to independents.

If that seems a kind of confusing and odd way of thinking about this part of the Democracy Field …. well, welcome to my brain. With that said, let’s get out of my head and get to the good stuff -- the slew of wins that these groups have achieved over the last few months:

  • On May 1st, Massachusetts announced the members of the first ever 15-member, non-partisan Citizens Commission. The Commission will hold hearings and make recommendations on a constitutional amendment to address unlimited spending in politics. American Promise’s Jeff Clements will be on the Commission.
  • Unite America welcomed two power-houses to its team. First, it added Kathryn Murdoch as co-chair of Unite America. Second, it added former Senate candidate Neal Simon to its board. We know that Kathryn and Neal will help Unite America do incredible work in 2020.
  • Inspire U.S. registered over 3,000 young voters in March -- bringing their total (as of March 26th) to 68,344. That’s a lot of young men and women who are ready to exercise their rights!

Finally, we wanted to give you the opportunity to vote in’s survey on independents and primary voting. is doing great work to empower independent voters across the country, so show them some love by completing their three-question poll.

That’s all for now, but know that these organizations -- and many others that you can see in the Field Overview -- are working tirelessly to empower you and your fellow Americans to shape your own future.

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