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Posted by on January 29, 2018 at 4:51 PM

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We are delighted to share this article from TIME Magazine. Arlie Russell Hochschild does a great job of highlighting the work of the Bridge Alliance and our member organizations, as well as emphasizing the potential of our burgeoning movement to revitalize our democracy. She believes, and we agree, that organizations like Living Room Conversations can play a critical role in encouraging respectful discourse among citizens -- helping to alleviate the partisan rancor that has only worsened with each passing year no matter who is elected. We are particularly pleased that Ms. Hochschild took the time to participate in a Living Room Conversation as part of her research.

At the same time, we remind ourselves that the democratic reform movement is much broader than civil discussion. The issues our members seek to solve are much bigger and more enduring than any one person or administration. That is why we characterize our members’ work as the weaving of an enduring new American Tapestry for political reform. Our media strategy will highlight the efforts of our members in the coming months and we are confident that, as we do so, more people will learn about the democratic reform movement, write about it, and thus amplify our message.

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