Bridge Alliance and its Members Featured on PBS’ The Open Mind

Posted by on August 02, 2018 at 12:25 PM

The Open Mind is the longest-running nationally broadcast public affairs interview program in the USA. It first aired in 1956 and since then has hosted interviews with some of the greatest minds in our nation’s history, including Martin Luther King, Jr., William F. Buckley, and Elie Wiesel -- just to name a few.

What makes The Open Mind stand apart from other programming is host Alexander Heffner’s focus on intellectually rigorous discussion without the yelling, interruptions, and rants that typically come hand-in-hand with political commentary. Mr Heffner carries on the vision for a new generation from his grandfather, Richard Heffner, who was the show's original host.

Mr. Heffner’s dedication to thoughtful and substantive conversation makes the program a great fit for members of the Bridge Alliance, which is why we are thrilled that he dedicated three straight interviews to the Bridge Alliance and its members. From July 3rd to July 17th, Mr. Heffner aired interviews of  Steven Olikara of the Millennial Action Project, Kathryn Peters of Democracy Works, and David Nevins of the Bridge Alliance. He previously  interviewed Bridge Alliance leaders Nick Troiano, John Opdycke, Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Louise Dube, and Eric Liu.

In other news, the Bridge Alliance recently wrapped up an extended, targeted ad campaign to amplify its members’ work -- it reached half a million people across the nation. As part of that campaign, the Bridge Alliance and six of its member organizations distributed a survey asking Americans what they thought was needed to create a healthier political ecosystem. You can see the results of that survey -- and learn more about the campaign -- on the Independent Voter Network ( by clicking here.

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