Apply for Membership

The Bridge Alliance is an Invitation-Only Network. 

If you are interested in membership, please review the basic requirements listed below. Please note that this criteria is subject to change and that we may use additional criteria in support of our mission. Additionally, meeting the basic requirements for membership does not entitle an organization to membership:

  • U.S. focus
  • Collaborating on issues / policy / civic engagement and/or direct involvement with civic engagement that encourages the diversification of the democracy field (i.e. ideology, race/ethnicity, age, geographic origin) in a healthy manner.
  • With some political focus
  • Must be a corporation (not sole proprietor) or fiscally sponsored project of a nonprofit with reportable income
  • Three full--time people (or equivalent) via paid staff, contractors or volunteers OR minimum reportable budget of $150,000 annually
  • Not a PAC or political party
  • Agree to the four principles of Bridge Alliance 
    • Collaboration: Our country is stronger when we work together constructively to meet the challenges we face.
    • Citizen Voice: Our country is well represented when informed citizens are active in the political and social processes.
    • Solutions-focused: Genuine, good faith problem-solving will lead to the best solutions to address our great challenges.
    • Open-minded: We explore and learn from each other, seeking aligned efforts to raise visibility and effectiveness.

Organizational membership is by invitation-only.  Organizations which apply will be vetted and  priority extended to those that will help us align in matching our field leadership demographics to our nation. Ref: The Diversity Report)

You can apply for membership by filling out and submitting the linked form.

For a list of obligations and benefits of membership, click here.

If you do not qualify, you can still become a Friend of Bridge and access benefits of membership by committing to a monthly donation through this link.


Dues beginning January 2021:

Based on annual payroll/contractors (adapted from Independent Sector)

  • $0 – $199,999 > $150
  • $200,000 – $299,999 > $250
  • $300,000 – $499,999 > $500
  • $500,000 – $749,999 > $750
  • $750,000 + > $1,000


We also occasionally form strategic partnerships with organizations that aren't eligible for Bridge Alliance membership.

Email any questions to Info@BridgeAlliance.Us.

Membership requests are considered on a regular basis.