Posted by on February 19, 2017 at 1:12 PM


Our 65+ members have been up to some amazing things recently. This week, we are using our email as a platform to showcase upcoming events and recent announcements from a few of our members. We hope you will look into them further!

Congressional Management Foundation recently released a comprehensive report on on citizen engagement with Congress. This data has been pulled from 1,241 responses from citizen advocates and congressional staff. They hope this research helps Congress, citizens, and advocacy organizations build better relationships, engage in a more productive dialog, and help create a “more perfect union.” You may access a copy of the report here.

US Association of Former Members of Congress is hosting an event on March 2nd featuring a panel discussion of cross-generational bipartisan women political leaders. They will be discussing the obstacles they and the women who follow them still need to overcome as women political leaders. This event is open to the public and taking place at the National Archives in DC. Learn more here.

IndependentVoting.Org is sponsoring the 9th biennial National Conference of Independents. The conference will be at Proshansky Auditorium in NY, NY on March 18th. The conference is free but you must register in advance to attend. Learn more and register here.

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