Who We Are

The Bridge Alliance is a coalition of over 90 organizations dedicated to U.S. revitalization. With each organization focusing on a different sector of the movement, our members represent a combined three million supporters in the burgeoning field of civic reform and civil discourse. In addition, more than one billion dollars has been invested towards improving government effectiveness nationwide.

What We Do

The Bridge Alliance acts as a hub of information and connectivity for over 90 civic action organizations.

We provide the infrastructure for our members to expand individually, collaborate on shared goals, and inform others that are invested in democracy revitalization. This generates a collective impact for greater than any one group could make alone.

Area of Focus

Our member organizations are involved in three broad categories:

Civic Engagement; Our members work in civic engagement, from the grassroots to the national levels. They want to improve participation at every level of government and engage citizens across the political spectrum in healthy, productive debate and discussions.

Governance and Policymaking; Our members are working to transform government decision-making processes to include more direct and meaningful input from the general public and to be more collaborative. They also are working to minimize or eliminate the influence of big money and personal interests in policymaking and to strengthen disclosure requirements.

Campaigns and the Election Process; Our members work to improve voter turnout, promote truth in campaigning, hold candidates accountable, empower average citizens considering running, define sensible voting districts, and educate current and future leaders on process improvements.