2022 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

Since 2015, Bridge Alliance has maintained a strong presence of support and innovation as a coordinating hub for healthy self-governance. Each year we have evaluated what is working well, what is missing and what can be improved. 2022 was a year of continuing to grow our team and professionalizing the three major projects adopted and initiated in 2021. Through these three programs, Bridge Alliance is becoming a hub, focusing on gaps in the movement as a whole. Specifically, these gaps are onboarding new constituents to the field (Citizen Connect), reporting on all issues related to achieving healthy self-governance (The Fulcrum) and amplifying network events to the public (Coffee Party USA). As we grew our team, our programs and outreach efforts, we did so with inclusion; increasing the participation of people with diverse perspectives and lived experiences. Reports on each specific program can be found in this 2022 Annual Report.

As we entered our planning session in the 4th quarter of 2022, we put everything on the table, asking “if we were to start today, what would our nation and our field or movement need now?” We recognized the political conditions today are quite different from when we began, eight years ago.

We have dubbed 2023 as “The Rebuild Year.” We will build upon the existing programs of Bridge Alliance through activation. This means identifying, recruiting and attracting millions of new people who agree to become part of the solution. Our 2023 plans with a newly identified gap; how many people are already in the movement, working towards pro-democracy ends?

Once this question is answered, our overall movement can grow through specific outreach to underrepresented groups, seek partnerships with adjacent networks, and build a base of power to set our nation on a course towards a more perfect union.

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