2021 Annual Report

Executive Summary

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Our vision: We organize and coalesce a powerful and diverse cross-partisan force and voice for our country to enact a thriving, just and healthy democratic republic.

Our mission: To serve our nation through our member organizations; to recruit and mobilize at least 12 million Americans who are committed to strengthening our American republic.

Our programs and community provide integrated solutions to move our nation forward.

Since 2015, Bridge Alliance has maintained a strong presence of support and innovation as a coordinating hub for healthy self-governance. Each year we take time to evaluate and make changes to our infrastructure to best fit the needs of our members and the nation. 2021 was a year of pivotal change in our organization as we added significant programs, collaborations, missions, values and people to our network and overall purpose.

Our infrastructure includes three primary program areas that are self-reinforcing; Citizen Connect, Diversity programs and The Fulcrum. Secondary programs include launching a podcast and receiving social media assets from Coffee Party USA to substantially increase our reach on behalf of our members and programs. In 2021, we grew significantly by offering public relations services to our members and further building the infrastructure needed for the movement to scale. 

Everything we do is interconnected! 

Here are a few highlights and intersections:

  • Member Services to our ~100 members has expanded to include semi-annual member 1-1 conversations, public relations services, custom referrals and introductions between members, and a foundation research spreadsheet to assist with new funding opportunities for our members. 
  • Citizen Connect was created as a core component of scalable infrastructure this year that serves the entire civic renewal movement. 
  • Diversity Programs add value to our work by including diverse perspectives in three key areas; ideology, race/ethnicity, and generational.
  • The Fulcrum is an interactive, engaging and innovative digital platform reporting on all things healthy self-governance, and a part of Bridge Alliance’s interconnected strategy to support the ecosystem of our community of pro-democracy organizations, workers and engaged citizens. 
  • To Build a Bridge highlights the work of our member organizations by discussing important issues within the movement such as reaching diverse communities and understanding the perspectives of those with whom you disagree.
  • Coffee Party has a decade’s worth of experience and a large social media following - over 1 million. In 2021, we successfully merged, maintaining a volunteer base with which to amplify content and events for the Bridge Alliance members, Citizen Connect, The Fulcrum and Bridge Alliance itself.  Coffee Party volunteers continue to maintain a social media environment that encourages thoughtful deliberation and debate amongst multiple perspectives. 

In conclusion, Bridge Alliance grew exponentially in 2021, strengthening our community and preparing the foundation for our community to support a movement. While our country, politics and governing structures continue to grow in complexity, we have positioned ourselves to help every person, organization and community to participate in a healthy way to defend against the authoritarian tendencies that threaten our nation and the world.

Debilyn Molineaux